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Neil is one of the leading residential architects using BIM to help clients visualize and analyze project ideas. He founded HomeIdeasHQ.com and practices through his company 8TFive Studio.
tiny house-01

Looking to Buy or Design a Tiny House? Think About This.

We've received several questions regarding small homes and tiny house design. To help shed some further light on tiny house purchases or custom design, we highlight a...
Extreme Storage and Organization Unitvideo

Extreme Storage and Organization, Every Women’s Dream!

Clearly a must have for the women out there who JUST NEED to compact a room full of accessories into an extreme storage and...
Coolest Cooler

Coolest Cooler is One of the Best and Worst Kickstarter Campaigns

The Coolest Cooler is one of the wildly successful Kickstarter Campaigns to bring you the next level of beverage entertainment at your summer beach...
iWash Faucet

iWash Faucet Apparently a Device of the Future from 2014

Ever use a restroom and see or hear the person who should be heading to the sink walk straight out the door and think...
Tiny House Cabin

7 Trendy Tiny House Floor Plans

We compiled a list of some of our favorite tiny house floor plans from various sources and assembled them in one place with additional perspective...
bathroom nightlight

The Bathroom Nightlight you’ve been waiting for is Finally Here!

Do you often wander through the dark searching in desperate need of finding that nearby wall, which apparently you're not even close to, on...

Adaptive Reuse of Church Interior by Gianna Camilotti

The adaptive reuse of a church interior by Gianna Camilotti Interiors located in London is a fantastic renovation of an old church made new...
tiny house village in Iowa

Tiny House Village in Iowa Proposed for Des Moines Homeless

An ongoing issue typically reported along the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers is that of relocating pop-up homeless camps from the estimated 100 'unsheltered' individuals...

Into Knick Knacks; Calming Video of Japanese Craftsman at Work

A soothing and beautiful video by Te to Te to Te showcases an artisan and Japanese craftsman at work. Yasuo Okazaki demonstrates how he crafts custom hand-made...

Smarter way to use Space in your Home

There is always a smarter way to use space in your home. Being able to identify the opportunities to create more storage, more livable...
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