Traditional Living Room Ideas: A Portal To An Elegant Home

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1. Traditional Living Room Ideas & Design Elements

Forge a timeless appeal to your traditional living room ideas with these classic design elements.

a. Traditional Design Aspects for a Living Room

i. Make Use of Architectural Elegance

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The architectural and interior structures of a room can contribute so much in the design aspect. Classical coffered ceiling, ocular windows and french arch top transom doors give a traditional identity to a living space without trying too hard. Match those features in your fireplace mantel and add some gold details for a ravishing result.

ii. Achieve Balance for your Living Room Ideas

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Balance is an important principle in traditional interior design. It promotes a sense of cohesion, a pleasing result and an arrangement that can interest anyone. It doesn’t have to be completely identical to achieve balance, but it is important to fill both opposite spaces with somewhat the same scale and proportion.

iii. Classical Moldings for an Exceptional Living Space

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Bring in a timeless persona into your traditional living room by having intricate and highly-detailed classic ornamentation. Classical moldings are hallmarks of traditional design that can make any space exceptionally graceful and exquisite. It can bring together a room’s look without too much ornamentation from the furniture and accessories.

iv. Traditional Living Room in Hardwood Beauty

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The beauty of wood will forever charm our houses regardless of the period or generation we are in. Having said that, it also has been and is still one distinct feature of a traditional living room because of the warmth and extraordinary allure it can bring. In addition, it is one of the most sought after material for its flexibility to be paired with other finishes.

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b. Living Room Ideas with Finely Crafted Furniture

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Nothing can stand out more than classical furniture does. Its intricate design and exquisite workmanship never seize to amaze anyone who laid their eyes on these finely-crafted creations. Combine different designs and finishes of these antique furniture to offer a diverse and entertaining living environment.

c. Prints & Textiles to Make a Living Room Fabulous

i. Make a Statement with Dainty Florals & Oriental Rug

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If you want to make an impact for your traditional living room ideas, then jump right into florals. They were very prominent during the classical times and can immediately make a living room enchanting. These go well with pastel colors too and also match them with other lovely prints. Lastly, make this idea more effective by having an eye-catching oriental rug.

ii. Wonderful Wallpapers & Vibrant Velvets

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Wallpapers were also very much celebrated in the traditional times that are successfully carried up to today. They can provide design and character to a living space with very minimal effort. On the other hand, velvets can make a living space posh and luxurious. In conclusion, combine these elements with shiny and reflective decors for a very stunning result.

d. Living Room Ideas with Classical Accessories

i. Charm your Living Area with a Chandelier

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Traditional living room is known for their details, but you can also venture on the neutral palette if you wish. However, still offer glamour to the room by having a gorgeous chandelier. In addition, chandeliers give off a very sultry and dramatic ambiance even to classical white-walled space.

ii. Stunning Crystal, Gold and Silver Accessories

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Traditional living room values opulence and luxury. Achieve this in your space by incorporating a ravishing crystal chandelier together with a lovely silver mirror. Moreover, magnify the upscale vibe by displaying a combination of golden and silver accessories. Finally, highlight them by creating a beautiful contrast with matte black decors.

iii. Traditional Fireplace for Living Room Ideas

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Create a focal point for your traditional living room ideas by having a highly-detailed Fireplace. Make your limestone fireplace reach its greatest potential by having it in intricate classical designs leaving anyone be amazed by its beauty. At the same time, combine with classic furniture and accessories to complete a desirable look.

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2. Traditional Living Room Design Styles

Traditional living rooms hold a certain elegance and character no other style can match. However, it can be made more fascinating if paired with other styles and trends.

a. Classical French for a Captivating Living Room

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Channel the Marie Antoinette in you and have classical French influences in your living space done in a subtle manner. Make use of the captivating classical designs and turn your space into a portal back to a sophisticated time. Add in antique furniture and accessorized with gilded decors for an ultimately bewitching aura.

b. Traditional Living Room with a Modern Classic Twist

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Combine your modern sophisticated side with your classic traditional one to create a stylish living space. Utilize the molding’s eternally refined charm and mix it with some modern elements like clean lines and plain neutral walls. Combine classical furniture with modern ones and basically set everything in a classic modern environment to appeal to all generations.

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c. Make your Traditional Living Room Chic & Stylish

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A traditional living room can be chic and trendy without going away too much from its root elements. Stylishly recreate a classic space first of all by choosing a promising color scheme. Choose golden accessories for a chic accent and incorporate some trendy twist by having a stunning table and pendant lamp.

d. Living Room Ideas with Classical Georgian Style

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Let your fondness of traditional living room ideas be interpreted in your home with the help of a classical Georgian style. It is a mixture of different interior styles of Neoclassical, French rococo and Gothic revival. Consequently, this gives an interesting and diverse look to your traditional living room.

e. Design your Living Room with French Colonial Interiors

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Give your traditional living room a touch of creativity and arts. Blend in the enthralling Oriental arts to a classic space like yours. Moreover, add in rare pieces that makes the room so much more valuable and admirable. Having said that, match your 12-panel Coromandel screen with textiles and decors that will spark interest like no other.

f. Southern Style to Decorate a Traditional Living Space

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Dwell on the warm and inviting side of a traditional living space by having a Southern-styled inspired room. First, choose a warm color scheme to bring the look together. Second, add in cozy textiles and fabrics for extra warmth. And lastly, combine contrasting materials of iron and wood and don’t forget the fireplace.

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