Guest Room Ideas That Will Make You The Best Host

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1. Guest Room Decorating Ideas & Necessities

Love having guests, relatives and friends staying over your house? Then we have the best guest room decorating ideas for you. It is so much more fun having a lot of people coming over. After all, it really is the more, the merrier.

a. Clean and Uncluttered Guest Room Ideas

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Above anything else, a clean and uncluttered guest room should be the main priority. Always have fresh beddings for your guest and keep it tidy whether the space is big or small. Light colors actually help in rather small guest rooms and always have some wooden furniture and a bedside lamp for extra warmth.

b. Stylish Illumination for Guest Room Ideas

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Lighting can set the tone for a room, stylish illumination can do so much more. Have a matching bedside lamp and floor lamp for a pleasing result. At the same time, choosing a material that actually matches with the rest of the elements of the room makes the space very well thought-off that no doubt your guests will surely appreciate.

c. Guest Rooms with a Great Reading Material

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Double your guest room by also making it a library. You can store your other books here, which can be very beneficial for your guests too. Moreover, they will never be bored with your varied collection and unmatched hospitality. I think that will make you everyone’s favorite host.

d. Add in Tables and Working Spaces

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It would also be best to add a working space for your guests. This way, they can still do some work comfortably despite not being in their homes or office. Also make it a trendy working area by having a glass table with copper details. Besides the aesthetic aspect, glass also doesn’t make the space look crowded.

e. Comfortable Seating for Guest Room Ideas

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More than the beds, also give your guests comfortable seating to cater to their utmost relaxation. Furthermore, make the seating playful and colorful that will for sure be an attention-grabber. Make them varied to provide diverse options, like placing a lounge seating beside a table and also having a small bed bench.

f. Equip your Guest Room with Smart Storage

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Smart Storage is the complete solution to space issues. First, it optimizes space. Second, it keeps the place organized and uncluttered. Third, it is flexible to any area, be it under the bed or as an underbench storage. And lastly, it provisions a lot of storage space for your guests leaving them more space to enjoy their stay in.

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2. Perfect Bed Types for Guest Room Ideas

Here are the different bed types to help you decide depending on your guest capacity, room space and other guest room function.

a. A Queen Bed Only for your Guest

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Let your guests enjoy their stay in your sweet home by providing a queen bed in the guest room. Choose a very cozy one that at the same time is very stylish. Let your guest feel special and let their stay be something they’ll never forget, thanks to the queen bed’s help.

b. Have Twin Beds in Two’s

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Include two twin beds to cater for more guests if the room space allows it. Have these twin beds identical too, in iron four-poster bed with a stunning headboard design. Also choose wonderful material finishes and room accessories. Basically, create a guest space that will serve its purpose and so much more.

c. Guest Room Ideas with Bunk Beds

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If you practically always have guests staying over or you just want to be prepared when the time comes, then do have bunk beds. This type of bed allows many people that don’t actually compromise space. Meanwhile, make it cozy for them by having a lot of warm blankets, rug and curtains.

d. Canopy Bed Makes Guest Rooms Attractive

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Nothings says regal more than canopy beds does. Immediately make your guest feel important by letting them stay in a guest room fit for the royalty. Match those stunning canopies with classical furniture and accessories given a modern twist. Finally, commit to a color scheme that says lush and sophisticated to complete the look.

e. Amazing Trundle Bed for a Guest Space

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A trundle bed is a great idea for a small guest room. It can still accommodate two guests without doubling the space usage as you can just tuck the extra bed under when not in use. As a result, you can also still add a table and a closet space. Talk about getting many functions in a small space.

f. Murphy Beds for your Space Solutions

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A Murphy bed is another perfect space solution for your guest room ideas. First, it can be hung up the wall if not in use so your guest can utilize the extra space. Second, you can actually convert this space according to your need if you don’t have guests staying over.


3. Design Styles for a Dreamy Guest Room

Ultimately complete your guest’s stay in your abode by styling the guest room in these dreamy interior design styles.

a. A Tropical Design for a Refreshing Guest Area

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Treat your guests in a tropical escapade right inside your home. Enliven the space with home plants and transmit a refreshing aura with the use of natural and organic materials. Moreover, have a complete set-up of the guest room by having beds, a lounge area and an amazing view of the outdoors.

b. Guest Room with Coastal Inspiration

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Bring in your coastal inspirations to your guest room. Recreate a cottage by the sea room to make your guest’s stay more meaningful. Stay true to the theme and have all the accessories and design make anyone think that the beach is just outside those walls.

c. Style your Guest Area with A Country Design

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Transport your guests to the countryside by having a country-styled guest room. Play with florals and patterns of the country attributes that consequently complements the warm neutral colors. Of course you got to have those warm wooden floors next to the iron furniture. And it wouldn’t be complete without the country paraphernalia.

d. A Rustic Retreat for your Guests

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Convey a mountain cabin inspired room for your guests and they’ll ultimately feel like they’re on a retreat. Get those captivating bedsheets and snug-worthy blankets for a total mountain-like experience. Furthermore, have a lot of wooden elements for warmth and stag wall decors to magnify the desired ambiance.

e. Soft Luxury Ideas for a Stylish Guest Room

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Transform your guest room into a hotel suite by having a very stylish transitional space. Work the details up to the ceiling that match that of the cabinet doors. Add a curtain in the bed for a dramatic effect that at the same time blocks light and creates privacy.

f. Guest Room Ideas with a Traditional Charm

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Go back in time with your guest room design and choose a traditional concept. Charm your guest with traditional beds and matching bed benches. Also have a traditional wallpaper design on the walls that match the bedding and curtain’s color. Lastly, finish with some warm lighting for a very desirable ambiance.

g. An Eclectic Appeal for your Guest Room Ideas

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An eclectic design may be a little on the rough and raw aspect, but definitely something that can captivate in an instant, in this case your guests. Have diverse textures from the ceiling, across the walls, down to the bedding. And an enchanting patched rug is the charming final piece of the puzzle.


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