Wonderful Great Room Ideas For All Families

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1. Design Layouts for Great Room Ideas

a. Add a Fireplace for Warmth & Comfort in the Great Room

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A stone fireplace is very ideal for great room ideas because they bring warmth and comfort as the family gathers or as to entertain guests. A fireplace can serve as the focal point in the great room by having it in a material that will make it conspicuous against the other elements of the room.

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b. Long & Narrow Living Room with Dining Room Set-up

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Make your great room casual and spontaneous by setting a dining area between a formal seating and an informal one. Take advantage of the narrow space you have in your great room and zone it to your family’s advantage. This layout gives you many areas to bond with your family and to have a good time with your friends and relatives.

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c. Great Room Design with Kitchen Ideas

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An open layout that combines the living room, dining room and kitchen consequently opens up the space giving it a very flowy feeling. The areas don’t have a visible partition but zoning can be attained through furniture arrangement and rug placement. Furthermore, a smooth transition is projected by using a neutral color scheme all accessorized with wooden features.

d. Vaulted Ceilings Make Great Room Ideas More Grand

i. Wooden Vaulted Ceiling for Great Rooms

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One key feature in great rooms is having a high vaulted ceiling and a wooden one is the most common material, just done in different finishes and kinds. Build up a sense of consistency from the wooden ceiling to having wooden furniture and other natural materials. In addition, use a neutral color scheme for a more dynamic result.

ii. Steel and Wood Vaulted Ceiling for Great Rooms

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A combination of steel and wood vaulted ceiling on the other hand produces a rather modern industrial vibe to a great room. Painting the wooden vaulted ceiling in white complements the steel trusses and at the same time making the ceiling height look even higher. Using medium-toned wood flooring provides great contrast to the area.

e. Post and Beam Concept for an Astonishing Great Room

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An all-wooden post and beam concept can bring a great personal charm to any great room. Wood comes hand in hand with a distinct aura that can enthrall anyone and interior timber frames makes it even more captivating. Don’t be afraid to be monotonous in your color choice, the key is to add in stimulating and varied textures and patterns.

f. Fascinating Two-Storey Family Room Ideas

i. Transitional Two-Storey Great Room Ideas

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A transitional two-storey great room offers an active family a comfortable and functional space that is still full of style and flare. A two-storey house also maximizes the space and the high ceiling feature. Lastly, it is refreshing in terms of the glass and chrome elements but combining it with old world aspects makes it very much appealing and notable.

ii. Traditional Two-Storey Great Room Ideas

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traditional two-storey great room on the other hand is an impeccable choice for close-knit families and who loves to gather and bond. Traditional elements of rustic wood and cozy upholstery make the family room a snug-worthy space. Include some antique pieces, warm textiles and conclude the coveted ambiance with warm-lighted pendant lamps.

2. Interior Design Styles for Great Room Ideas

a. Style Your Great Room with Rustic Design

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This age-old concept is still here for a reason, and that is because a Rustic room can effortlessly bring warmth and makes a room be at its most inviting environment. Make use of items that are tainted with age but polished with beauty for these timeless treasures are what will make your great room welcoming and enduring.

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b. Great Room Ideas in a Contemporary Setting

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A contemporary interior style for a great room showcases modern clean lines, lots of natural lighting, and a concept that brings the outdoors indoors. It is basically a combination of function and design molded into its truest potential. Lastly, use white as your dominant color accentuated with wooden and earthen elements.

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c. Decorate Great Room Ideas with Farmhouse Interior Style

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You don’t have to be in a retreat or vacation to be in a farmhouse-inspired house. Instill the concept and bring a warm and cozy factor in your great room by having organic and simple materials, it’s like having a space that is an extension of the outdoors. Go organic from the wooden materials down to the upholstery and decor.

d. Great Room Ideas with a Neutral Color Scheme

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Bring in a light look and airy feeling for your great room ideas by having a neutral color scheme. Highlight the wooden ceiling feature by working on lighter shades of earth colors such as beige and cream. Despite the neutrality, cast a warm glow in the great room by having warm lighting and a dramatic chandelier.

e. Great Room in a Mid-century Modern Style

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Venture the traditional concept of a great room into modernity by incorporating a mid-century modern style. Make use of old furniture and accessories and mix with new stuff for a fresh flavor and aura. Stunning mid-century modern furniture complements the ingenuous architectural details and interior structures.

f. Eclectic Interior Design for a Great Room

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Let your great room be distinct by using an eclectic interior design style. Add in multitude patterns of fabrics and decor of the contrasting color scheme set beautifully on a white walled and ceiling room. Be consistent in creating great combination of contrasting materials by having wooden furniture next to iron pendant lamps and brass copper sun mirror.

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