Significant Outdoor Fireplace Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

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1. Outdoor Fireplace Ideas: Types & Kinds

a. Materials for Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

i. Outdoor Stone Fireplace

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Stone is one of the leading choices for outdoor fireplace ideas as it’s an all in one material in terms of function and design. It can help radiate the heat and its durable and fireproof quality makes it very safe for a fireplace. Stone also offers a wide variety of design and finishes that will create a very homey ambiance.

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ii. Outdoor Brick Fireplace

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One material that will always be a timeless choice for outdoor fireplace is brick. Though traditional, it can be very flexible to fit to different styles and concept and can bring warmth to any space. Brick outdoor fireplace doesn’t only oozes with charm but are very long-lasting and are low maintenance.

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iii. Stucco Outdoor Fireplace

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Another material for outdoor fireplace ideas that are gaining popularity is stucco for its clean yet charismatic look. This is also a low cost durable material that is easily available in the market and is also very simple and easy to install. Stucco is a very versatile material thus making it ideal to be combined with other materials.

iv. Concrete Outdoor Fireplace

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Concrete provides your outdoor area with a natural finish, it’s very easy to maintain and can bring a contemporary vibe to a space.  Concrete also retains heat making it an excellent choice, and you can also utilize its raw finish or you can opt for other colors and textures to suit your style.

v. Outdoor Wooden Fireplace

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Wood may not be the most sought-after material for a fireplace but its texture and look surely adds up to the desired warm ambiance. Just build a durable body such as iron and choose rustic wood pieces for the surround and mantel to create a modern industrial finish.

b. Types of Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

i. Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

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Wood burning fireplace are the most traditional type of fireplace there is. The physical heat one can feel, the unfiltered view and the smell of the burning fire are irreplaceable. Set a separate storage beside the fireplace for the logs and give a contemporary look to this traditional fireplace type by using modern materials.

ii. Electric Outdoor Fireplace Idea

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Electric outdoor fireplace is the choice for the modern people of today. They are cost-effective, low in maintenance and are energy efficient thus fitting perfectly for this generation’s lifestyle. Heating function for this type of fireplace can be turned off yet can still emit a traditional fire-like ambiance.

iii. Gas Outdoor Fireplace Type

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Gas outdoor fireplace are convenient, functional, reliable, and flexible in terms of design and placement. They can fit into different interior styles and gives off a charming effect while serving its purpose. This type of fireplace is very efficient, requires minimal clean-up and you don’t have to tire yourselves with the log refill.

2. Outdoor Fireplace Design Style Ideas

a. Traditional Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

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Traditional outdoor fireplace designs are made up of traditional materials like stone or brick. They emit a cozy and welcoming environment that is a very desired feeling from fireplaces. As these being a classic design choice, it can be paired with other elements and would look lovely next to nature.

b. Modern Outdoor Fireplace Styleoutdoor fireplace ideas 2.b

Outdoor fireplaces already came a long way and modern ones are much more clean, sleek and simple. This fireplace design is a great contrast in the outdoors that will surely make it striking and noticeable. Modern fireplaces also gives you more bolder choices in terms of color and style, this concept embodies function that doesn’t leave out identity and flare.

c. Tuscan Outdoor Fireplace Design

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There’s just something about rustic, warm and earth-toned colors that says inviting and captivating. Choose washed-out terracotta bricks for the fireplace that match the rustic brick floors. These features all come alive by pairing with a vibrant Tuscan orange-y wall color and some dark earth-tone furniture and accessories.

d. Mediterranean Outdoor Fireplace Concept

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White stucco is one key feature for a Mediterranean outdoor fireplace. Mediterranean is also very easy to achieve as this concept makes use of the outdoor and natural elements such as stone and wood. Additionally, accents such as mosaic tiles that are rustic and colorful makes this design style remarkable and distinct.

e. French Country Inspired Fireplace

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A stone fireplace is one identifier of a French Country Home.  Combine it with wood beamed ceiling, woven furniture, and stone flooring to produce a warm and homey environment. Accessorize your outdoor fireplace with iron wall lamps and some wrought iron decors which are also notable elements in this particular design style.

3. Other Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

a. Backyard Fire Pits

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An outdoor fire pit is a great alternative to a huge outdoor fireplace. They are perfect to be placed on the center of a conversational type of seating as these are smaller and doesn’t need a huge and space-consuming structure. Backyard fire pits are also much more flexible to any design style you wish to achieve.

b. Two-Way Outdoor Fireplace

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If your outdoor space is rather large, it would be best to have a two-way outdoor fireplace placed at the center of the area. It is functional for both zones and at the same time serves as a divider between two areas. Make it stunning by incorporating appealing features and gorgeous lighting fixtures.


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