Sewing Room Ideas for An Inspiring Sewing Space

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1. Sewing Room Storage and Organization Ideas

a. Sewing Room Storage Ideas

i. Pegboard Sewing Room Storage Idea

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A pegboard storage idea lets you have your sewing materials on display to make it very accessible. It lets you hang various stuff and also lets you decorate it with picture frames, plants and strings lights to make it a magnificent sewing room. Keep everything coordinated by using wooden equipment to hang your sewing necessities in.

ii. Pull-out  Sewing Storage Ideas

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Pull-out storages enables you to keep some of your sewing needs be hidden, especially those you rarely use. Though hidden, it is still easy to access. Have them in variation by using solid or wire tray pull out storages. Solid white pull-outs harmonize with the other white furniture while the wire tray lets you see through the things inside.

iii. Hanging Storage as Storage Solutions

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If you want the more organized storage solution, go for hanging storages. Blend them with the walls and paint them with the same as your wall color. This type of storage lets you maximize your wall space up to the ceiling where you can store boxes and this also lets you arrange your things the way you want them to be.

iv. Spinning Storage for Sewing Room Ideas

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A spinning storage idea is very ideal for your selection of fabrics as it promotes efficient accessibility without eating up too much space. The top portion of the spinning storage can also make room for another storage for maximum space optimization. Make them further distinct by reinventing a wire spool as a spinning storage.

v. Sewing Room with Multi-use Storage

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A sewing room does have many functions aside from sewing alone, so a multi-use storage is very ideal. Choose a table that has layers to store diverse sewing materials and an open one lets you have different types of storage to fit to your needs and convenience. Maximize the table’s potential by also making it a cutting board and an ironing space.

vi. Closet Storage in a Sewing Room

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Free your mind from the clutter by having a closet storage that you can close whenever you want. Despite it having the ability to be hidden, still arrange the things inside neatly that will anyway be beneficial to you. Use a light color inside the storage to widen the look of the small sewing space.

vii. Kitchen Equipment as Serve-Up Sewing Storage

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Your forsaken kitchen equipment can be put into good use as a storage idea in your sewing room. It’s very functional as it gives you a lot of storage without losing a lot of space, it being open provisions it for easy access and it is also a great serve-up storage for your sewing notions and other things.

viii. Sewing Room with a Magnetic Storage

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Magnetic storage is another wonderful storage idea in sewing rooms. It lets you pin in your swatches and fashion inspirations that are easily changeable base on the project you are working on. Cute bead storages can also be magnetized here and put doors on it for an option to close the storage.

b. Sewing Room Organization Ideas

i. Color Coordinated Sewing Solutions

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Make your sewing materials manageable by color coordinating them. Organizing them this way doesn’t only makes it easier for your selection but the colors actually inspire you every time you look at it. Have open shelving for this organization idea to be more effective and paint them white to let the colors strike through.

ii. Sewing Room with Compartmentalization Ideas

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Most of the sewing notions are quite small and can be messy if not organized properly. Compartment drawers for sewing rooms are very suitable for these notions and you can sort them according to types and kinds. With this type of organization, your work will be more efficient and effective.

iii.      Sewing Fabric Organization Ideas

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Hang your fabric swatches in your sewing room with the use of wooden cloth clips. It’s a magnificent way to organize your fabrics and it also makes it easier for you to decide on what fabric to use. Arrange them by design, by color, or any preference to suit your style and convenience.

iv. Sewing Notion Organization Ideas

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Glass jars are fantastic solutions on how to display and organize your entire sewing notions in your sewing room. You can sort them the right way but doesn’t let you be super mindful of the clutter as having them in glass containers makes the messy looks like random and pleasant. Have them in different sizes and diverse types for a fun environment.

2. Sewing Room Design Style Ideas

a. Flea Market Style: Sewing Room Idea on a Budget

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You don’t have to spend a lot when designing your sewing room as flea market gives you the furniture you need and the charisma you want. The most important thing is to have functional and durable furniture to aid you in your sewing. Flea market style is not only cheap, but it can provide you character by having unique pieces perfect for your sewing space.

b. Vintage Style: Timeless Sewing Room Idea

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What can be a more timeless concept than to have a vintage-inspired sewing room. If you are still into the manual type of sewing, then feel free to be yourself in your own space. But even if you are already a modern gal with an old soul that loves her grandmother’s old sewing machine, then have this classic machine as an inspiration in your sewing room.

c. Modern Style: Trendy Sewing Room Concept

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Be open to clutter but try to make it look clean and organize as possible by having a modern sewing room idea. Go for neutral colors and be inspired by clean lines but still aim for it to be trend. Make your sewing space look bigger, brighter and sleek by having white as the dominant color with black as a definition color and greeneries for a fresh aura.

3. Other Sewing Room Ideas

a. Sewing Room Mannequin Ideas

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A mannequin is an amazing idea for your sewing projects, to display or to fit your clothes into. A visual reference is always a great guide while making clothes and it will be easy for your adjustments and alterations. It can also serve as an area to hang your measuring tape and other sewing materials.

b. Flexible Workspace for Your Sewing Room Ideas

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Flexible workspaces are gems to small sewing rooms. But moreover, it will be easy to go from one task to another that will provide you faster results. Choose a workspace where you can sew, iron, store and have other functions. Project creativity in your sewing space by spreading colors and patterns for inspiration.

c. Open Workspace Idea for a Sewing Space

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If you have the luxury of a big sewing space, then spread out for all means. Locate your sewing area at the center for an easy workaround among the other functions and areas in your sewing room. Set up an area for your research, pegboard, storage and other areas appropriate for your needs.

d. Sewing Room Ideas Next to a Window

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Inspiration is a great deal for most artist and sewing enthusiast. Setting your sewing area next to your windows does not only provide you natural lighting and ventilation, it also allows you to enjoy the view for inspiration and much needed breaks. Install blinds for privacy options and to shield you from the sun.

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