A Useful Design Guide for Your Small Dining Room Ideas

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1. Small Dining Room Ideas & Design Tips

a. Make a Small Dining Room Look Larger 

      i. Use transparent materials in your Small Dining Space

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Ghost chairs aren’t only pretty, they’re your much needed chairs for a small dining room. Like mirrors, they reflect light and are not heavy to look at. Combine them with an equally gorgeous classical table, white brick walls and white paneled ceiling. Just add in a lovely chandelier, some black and white pictures and everything is perfect.

 ii. Mirrors for Small Dining Room Ideas

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Every home enthusiast knows the mirror solution to make any space look larger. But instead of having only that goal for your small dining room, make your mirrors interesting and have them in frames making them art pieces as well. Also have them in white to complement the walls and achieve balance through its symmetrical arrangement.

iii. Make Use of your Small Dining Room Windows

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Situate your small dining area next to your large dining windows as this allows natural light to come through making the space look more spacious. Utilize the nature’s color scheme and materials to make your dining space an extension of the outside view. Lastly, decorate the space with fresh blooms for a fresh atmosphere.

  b. Maximize Your Small Dining Room Layout

      i. Make Use of Small Dining Room Corner Spaces

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A small dining space is one of the dilemmas of having small apartments. Those corners though are very useful and transform them into pretty little dining space instead. Have a fixed seating and grace the space with a stunning safari concept to revert one’s attention from having a rather small dining area.   

ii. Build a banquette that can Serve as Storage

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Banquette seating is a total space saver as this doesn’t need a large space but can still accommodates your whole family. Moreover, you can install them in a way that it can be provisioned as a storage space as well. Keep everything in neutral to let the wood’s character be highlighted.

iii. Use Dual-Purpose Furniture in a Small Dining Room

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Double-purpose furniture is exactly what you need if you have a small space, you wouldn’t want to cram everything in just to have all the things you need. Let a coffee table slash dining table make your life easier. Have folding chairs to go with it so you can just stack them somewhere when not in use.

iv. Mount your Dining Room Table

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Mounting your dining table enables you to have a bigger leg room and lets you maximize your space without compromising function. Neutrals will always be great choices for small spaces but don’t compromise aesthetics as well, choose some fascinating wall décor and interesting furniture and accessories to go with it.

c. Choose the Right Colors For Your Small Dining Room

i. Use light colors in your Small Dining Area

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Colors can help a lot in your small space problems. For situations like these, having light colors on the ceiling, walls and furniture makes it very appealing to look at. You can have some dark wooden accents as wood’s natural warmth is a perfect pair to an all-white clean look of a small dining area.

ii. Think outside the color box

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Not all small spaces though need to use light colors only, actually this is a pretty reason to make your small dining room one of a kind. Go out of the ordinary and be bold about your concept. Paint your walls a deep and rich shade of green that goes well with bamboo and wicker elements. Pick a head-turning framed image that gives charisma to your small dining room.  

d. Accessorize with the Right Home Décor

i. Use Simple Window Treatments

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Heavy draperies may make a small space more crammed so simple and light window treatments are always the best idea. Having them in the same color as the walls helps them blend in. And combining wood, iron and copper gives identity to the space without looking crowded for the light walls and window treatment makes it look spacious enough.  

ii. Accent a Small Dining Room with Patterns

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Create an engaging atmosphere in your small dining room by having a striking accent pattern for the wallpaper. Black and white wallpaper can look alluring if the pattern is an eye-catching one. Top with black and white pictures of your family for a more casual and personalized environment.

iii. Vary your Finishes in your Small Dining Space

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Promote individuality in your small dining area by utilizing varied finishes. The wooden top of the dining table match the wooden legs of the chair and there is a beautiful contrast within the plastic chairs and the acrylic one. The brass pendant lamp is the perfect finish to this dining space and the variety is further defined by having a colorful rug.

2. Select the Suitable Furniture in a Small Dining Room

a. Choose the Right Table

i. Round Table for Small Dining Room Ideas

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Round tables are very ideal for small dining rooms as these saves space and still does it function. Project a rustic aura with an industrial vibe to make your dining space remarkable. Also having your round table in a glass top reflects light and creates a modern look that goes well with the wooden and leather furniture set.

ii. Foldable Table Solutions in your Small Dining Area

small dining room ideas 2.a.ii

Dining tables that can be folded up to the wall when not in use is an ideal and a wonderful solution for your small dining room. You can put them up the wall when not in use and one can’t even notice it. Get creative still in your walls by revealing a design once dining table is in use.

iii. Expandable Table for your Small Dining Room Ideas

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Tables that can expand for more usage are also great choices for small dining rooms. This set-up can accommodate your relatives or unexpected guests and the bottom part of the table can also serve as storage. Choosing a wooden dining set gives consistency to the wooden floors that is modernized by the steel bases.

b. Choose the Correct Seating

i. Use Armless Chairs in Small Dining Rooms

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Armless chairs are thinner so they don’t each up much space and can be fully tucked under your dining table. Highlight these pieces by using a material that strikes through an all-white dining space. Hang in a gorgeous black and white photograph and to conclude, add in a tropical plant and an industrial pendant lamp for a mid-century ambiance.

ii. Add a bench in your Small Dining Room

small dining room ideas 2.b.ii

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A bench is both functional to a small dining space and also adds variety to the dining set you have. A bench can also be easily placed under the dining table so you can have extra space when not in use. Have its finish opposite the chairs to make it evident and instill a very laid-back vintage atmosphere by having white-washed wooden elements.

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