Decorating With Grey: Inspiring Grey Living Room Ideas

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1. What are the Different Ideas on Where to Apply Grey in Living Rooms?

    a)      Grey Wall Ideas in Living Rooms

i)        Paint Your Living Room Walls Grey

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Choose a rich shade of grey to be painted on your living room walls for a luxurious feel. Pairing it with white gives off a modern vibe and it lets the grey not be eaten up into boresome. Include some velvet, classical features and lavish accent pieces to complete the look.

ii)   Apply Grey Wallpaper in Your Living Room Walls

grey living room ideas 1.a.ii

Make your grey living room alluring by having two varied grey wallpapers. Pick one with an intricate print that will match the pillows and have the other one in a simpler design to balance things out. Top the look with purple accents on the pillows and indoor blooms for an instant charm.

iii) Grey Textured Wall Ideas For Your Living Spaces

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Bring texture to your grey living room by having an accent grey brick wall. Choose a charcoal grey shade to promote consistency and to match the dark grey fireplace and dark grey rug. Having grey sofas and table on the lighter shade both promotes variety and cohesion amongst other interior elements.

iv) Living Room Grey Panel Ideas

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Channel a geometric and art deco feel in your grey living room by installing grey panels. The panel’s repetitive pattern is a great contrast to the random print of the carpet that somewhat match the pillow. For an opulent atmosphere, place a tan chesterfield sofa accentuated with brass floor lamp and center table.

b)     Grey Flooring Ideas in Your Living Room

i)        Install Grey Wooden Floors in Your Living Area

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For a subtle application of grey in your living room, use light tones of grey in your sofa and install grey wooden floors for added warmth. Keep everything light amongst walls and attract attention in your ceiling by using light-toned wood planks. Define the space by using iron furniture and iron floor lamp.

ii)   Living Room Floor Ideas of Grey Carpets

grey living room ideas 1.b.ii

Create a beautiful harmony in your grey living room from walls to floor by having a grey carpet that complements the other grey features. Choose a plain grey carpet to not overshadow the prints and to highlight the artisanal decors within your neutral living room.

iii) Install Grey Tiles in Living Rooms Floors

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Manifest definition in your grey living room by installing grey tiles that is a shade darker than your walls and ceiling. Have these tiles in large cuts for a modern and clean look that lets the furniture and accessories be highlighted. Combine with brown furniture and soften the look by using warm textiles and fabric.

c)      Choose Grey Furniture For Your Living Room

i)        Put Grey Sofas in Your Living Room

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Let a neutral grey color be vivid by using a rich shade of the color in your sofas. Let them be further distinguished by pairing with turquoise pillows that together exudes a cool and refreshing outcome. Work on having light finishes for your walls, floor and other accessories to achieve the desired effect.

ii)   Put Grey Tables in Your Living Spaces

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Having grey tables next to grey sofas is also a great idea on how to achieve a grey living room. Pour out the color here and place them on a white rug to make the grey be evident and remarkable. They look more conspicuous on dark-toned wooden floors that at the same time gives charm to the grey room.

d)     Have Grey Accessories and Decorations For Living Rooms

i)        Choose Grey Throw pillows For Your Living Rooms Sofas

grey living room ideas 1.d.i

Choose varied shades and prints of grey throw pillows for your sectional grey sofa. Radiate a feminine side to the neutral color by choosing a soft pink accent color for the accessories. Also project variety through using different materials of soft fabrics, fur, iron and wood.

ii)   Decorate Your Living Room Walls With Grey Paintings

grey living room ideas 1.d.ii

Grace your grey living room with lovely grey abstract painting that adds a certain charisma to the space.  Pick your curtains with a similar print to make it appealing and carry on with the lovely designs on your throw pillows. With all the grey patterns going on, the plain maroon sofa spices up the living room just the right way.

iii) Accessorize Your Living Space With Other Grey Home Décor

grey living room ideas 1.d.iii

Glam your neutral living room by using grey home décor with varied materials to further make it distinct. Let contrast do the trick, and combine shiny & reflective features with raw & rough elements. Let the eye dance through the room by having as many shades of grey of possible.

2. What are the Different Ideas on How to Apply Grey in Living Rooms?

a)      According to Interior Design Styles

i)        Stylish & Trendy Grey Living Room Ideas

grey living room ideas 2.a.i

Cast a zesty aura in your grey living room by combining it with orange for a fun boost and playful energy. Make it more cheerful by adding in whimsical features and patterns, striking copper frames and amusing iron pendant lamps. The grey sofa perfectly balances everything but exudes character on its own when paired with orange home decor.

ii)   Contemporary Grey Living Room Ideas

grey living room ideas 2.a.ii

Grey is a marvelous idea to any living room and use it with clean lines for a contemporary result. Alternate use of black and white frames with varied sizes produce a clean look but gives it identity at the same time. Finish the look with some brown accent pillows.

iii) Inspirational Grey Living Room Ideas

grey living room ideas 2.a.iii

Grey can be inspiring for living rooms if paired with emerald green. Choose a dark shade of grey to be painted on walls to let the other interior elements strike through. Have glass tables and a black and white rug to make this idea classic and timeless. Be true to the accent color’s significance and have tropical prints and fresh plants across the room.

iv) Fabulous & Gorgeous Grey Living Room Ideas

grey living room ideas 2.a.iv

Grey living room ideas can be fabulous and gorgeous if paired with lavender and chic pieces. A lavender tufted divan, crystal chandelier and a plaster ceiling medallion all makes up a classical space giving life to the grey sofa and walls. Make the space more special by placing rustic pieces for a remarkable grey living room.

b)     Combine with Other Furniture & Accessories

i)        Pair Grey With Brown or Wooden Furniture For Your Living Room

grey living room ideas 2.b.i

Bring warmth to your all neutral living room by pairing grey with brown and wooden furniture. It breaks the continuous shade of grey across your walls, sofa, rug, and other accessories and at the same time creates a warm and contemporary ambiance. And don’t stick with these two ideas, finish the look with having white ceilings and little pops of color from your indoor blooms.

ii)   Combine Grey With Copper Furniture & Accessories in Your Living Room

grey living room ideas 2.b.ii

Go for subtlety in applying grey in your living room by choosing simple features for your sofa and wooden floors. Make it stylish and trendy by combining these ideas with copper furniture and accessories. Then add variety to the space in terms of material and color by adding in white furs, beige shag rug, and some stripes to complete the look.

iii) Combine Grey Living Room With Iron Furniture & Accessories

grey living room ideas 2.b.iii

Project a modern industrial vibe for your living area and have iron furniture and accessories to go with your grey sofa. Sprinkle a ray of sunshine by choosing yellow as the accent color for this all-neutral space. Let this area be a place a living room is meant to be but not at all devoid of character.

iv) Combine Grey With Glass or Shiny Furniture & Accessories in the Living Area

grey living room ideas 2.b.ivImages via Pinterest

Glam your neutral living room by using shiny and reflective silver décor and accessories. It adds a luxurious aura to the dark grey walls, grey sofa and grey floor. Add in some throws and throw pillows to harness a soft side to this space and complete by having fresh blooms and indoor plants.

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