Marvelous Narrow Living Room Layouts: Solutions and Designs

narrow living room layouts 6

Narrow living room layouts spell extra space than a regular square-looking room. It can work to your advantage if designed right and lay-outed accordingly. Get inspiration for your narrow living room with these ideas we’ve put up for you.

Narrow living room layouts for two lounge areas.narrow living room layouts 1

Create two lounge spots if your space allows it. Set-up a conversational type of seating in the middle of the room with many chairs to accommodate a lot of people. Set-up another rather informal type of seating by the end of the room for extra lounge space and to get a better view of the outside.

Modern classic narrow living room layout.narrow living room layouts 2

Associate elegance in a white narrow living room to exude a modern classic aura. Choose a neutral color scheme for the furniture and accessories but pair it with shiny and sleek details to make it sophisticated. Conclude the look by having an accent color that will make your living room aesthetically-pleasing.

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Random set-up for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 3

Exude a casual vibe in a luxurious narrow living room by arranging the furniture randomly. Mix varied seating types and have the chairs beside the fireplace at an angle to make the room more inviting. Define the narrow layout and high ceiling by using defining vertical and horizontal lines. Complete the look by accentuating with golden accessories.

Symmetrical arrangement for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 4

Convey a balanced look in a narrow living room by having a symmetrical arrangement of furniture. Take the attention away from the room being narrow and highlight the high ceiling feature by having interesting patterns on the wall and on the ceiling itself. Further define by having an opulent wall decor and a lovely chandelier.

All-white ideas for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 5

White walls and white ceiling does the trick for a narrow living room layout as it makes the space look less narrow. Bring warmth to the space by having wooden floors that match other wooden details and organic materials. Stick to a neutral palette for the rest of the elements but make sure to value comfort and function.

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Diverse ideas for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 6

Occupy your whole living room and put in varied types of seating. Up the diversity by also combining silver and gold details that looks very pleasing among the neutral colors. Have white walls and ceiling so that the textures and colors of the furniture and accessories will emerge.

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Horizontal solutions for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 8

Break your narrow living room layout by having horizontal details on your ceiling for a wider illusion of the space. Having it in an angled manner brings movement and rhythm to this type of room layout and accentuate this feature by hanging a huge iron pendant lamp that match the other details of the room.

Narrow living room with sectional sofas.narrow living room layouts 9

Make use of the narrow layout of your living room by placing a long sectional sofa that can accommodate a lot of people. Having glass windows and doors lets in natural light giving the space a non-claustrophobic ambiance. Lastly, pick interesting patterns and color combination to give a stunning appearance to the space.

Texture ideas for a narrow living room.narrow living room layouts 7

A narrow living room layout works best with an angled ceiling for an interesting outcome. Let textures and patterns bring life to this room by having a wooden feature wall that match the wooden flooring. Combine different types of seating of different colors paired with also different table styles for variety.

Cozy vibes for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 10

Choose a concept that will bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to a narrow living room. Pick an earthen color scheme for the walls and ceiling to complement the wooden details. Tone down with the furniture and choose a lighter shade that’s made lovely with its tufted features. Complete the look with an iron-framed mirror and iron pendant lamp.

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Airy vibes for narrow living room layouts.narrow living room layouts 11

Create an airy feeling to your narrow living room by using glass windows and doors. Particularly use gorgeous french doors and windows paired with white classical moldings for a very chic and relaxing environment. Use an earth-toned color scheme that complements well with the nature outside.

Casual ideas for a narrow living room.narrow living room layouts 12

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Embody a casual and laid-back atmosphere in your narrow living room by embracing the clutter in a neat way.  Choose a snug sofa, add in furry textures and display your books in an organized manner to make the ambiance more inviting and relaxing. Magnify the light feeling in your living room by having nature-inspired colored walls.

Be smart about planning the layout of your narrow living room but let it project your own preference and personality as well. Decorate it with your style but equip it with the right elements to produce a very functional and comfortable narrow living room.

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