Inventive Living Room Ideas on a Budget That Will Work

living room ideas on a budget 5

Living rooms are the first thing one can see when entering a house so it must be pleasant. Whether you’re renovating or designing your new house on a limited budget, there are endless solutions to still achieve a unique living room. Let us help you with the inspirations on how to make your living room ideas on a budget come to life.

Cheap framed prints as living room wall room ideas on a budget 1

Turn little print-outs into framed wall arts for a cheap yet fascinating Wall Decor. Mix different frames and sizes for variety and hang them randomly all over the wall. Also use your books as details and fillers to a chic room, pretty money-savers that you actually benefit from.

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Go crazy on textiles for your living room ideas on a budget 2

Textiles and fabrics are one way of bringing color, pattern and texture to your living room which is very flexible according to your budget. You can actually make use of old textiles and don’t be afraid to combine different prints and styles for that is the real beauty of it.

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DIY table for your living room ideas on a budget 3

There is a lot of potential for creative inventions within your own home so start the search now. But for starters, make use of copper wires to make an ingenious side table. Pretty cheap and super creative, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Choose an equally amazing geometric chair to match.

Bold ceiling for living room ideas on a budget. living room ideas on a budget 4

Be daring in your living room without spending a lot. Paint it black and paint it all. Don’t settle for those white ceilings when you can have it in a bold colored one that matches the fireplace mantel and black frames. Highlight your ceiling further by having white walls and furniture.

Go vintage for a living room on a room ideas on a budget 5

Let me stress two points in having a vintage living room. First, it’s cheap or you can just recycle your old stuff. Second, you can’t have as much character in a space as much as vintage and antiques does. Old trunk as center table and old accessories as the perfect details are all you need and more.

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Living room ideas on a budget with the tropics. living room ideas on a budget 6

Having a lot of greenery is one easy way of bringing life into your living room. These organic treasures carry an undeniable refreshing and good vibe which you can just get from the outdoors or from your green-thumb friends. Be organic all the way and choose organic furniture and accessories.

Living room ideas on a budget: Paint!living room ideas on a budget 7

This idea has been reiterated countless times for it works all the time. Paint your walls and paint it boldly. Let your adventurous spirit be reflected in your bright and colorful living room and choose a head-turner painting that complements the lovely pillows and the unique rug.

 Black and white photo wall room ideas on a budget 8

Define a concept with the use of your black and white photographs that serve as wall decor. Print your photos in monochromatic color, put them in monochromatic frames and arrange them neatly in your wall for instant glamour and personality. Finish the look with an accent sofa.

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Books as the perfect details to a budget-friendly room ideas on a budget 9

Don’t hide your book collection when you can display them and use them as accessories. Install a white and symmetrical bookshelf to let the book’s colors emerge. Scatter books and other collections from floor to ceiling for an engaging result and for instant no-spend wall decor.

Utilize the raw structures for your living room on a room ideas on a budget 10

Take advantage of exposed bricks to bring a raw and industrial vibe to your living room. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to design a living room oozing with character. Fuse with other raw and industrial materials to complete the look and accessorize with your collections for a more personalized touch.

Personal collectibles as living room ideas on a room ideas on a budget 11

Take pride of your collectibles from your travels or the stuffs passed on from your older generations. Their age, heritage or the culture they came from is what makes them timeless and ideal as decor for your living room. Stack them or hang them and create something that is known as a beautiful mess.

Used bottles and used candles for your living room ideas on a budget 12

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There is a certain charm to old and used bottles and candles. Don’t throw them just yet and exhibit their beauty in a random yet gorgeous arrangement. Mix clear bottles with the colored ones that match the other decor in the room and also display your floral collections for a chic ambiance.

Great living rooms don’t mean expensive costs. Sometimes, the budgeted ones are the ones with the most raw character and most charming personality. You don’t have to shop outside your house when you can find it inside, just recycle, redecorate and reinvent.

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