Living Room Wall Decor: Excellent Ideas for Wonderful Spaces

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You’ve purchased your furniture, installed your flooring, painted your ceiling and already have the perfect living room set-up, but now you’re left with a blank wall. Fret no more, let us provide you with the different ideas of wall decor for your living room, read on and be inspired!

Contemporary living room wall room wall decor 1

Choose contemporary pieces for your contemporary living room to complete the ever comfortable and stylish living room set-up. Pick alluring pieces that highlights the space and complements the colors within the room. Don’t settle for one, hang in three wall decors for three’s a charm!

Shabby rustic living room wall room wall decor 2

Hang in an intriguing Rustic wall decor for your shabby rustic living room to catch anyone’s attention. Pick a rustic wall decor that exudes a country vibe to go with the other white-washed and distressed-looking furniture which are perfect contrast to the soft fabrics and chic accessories.

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Classical living room wall room wall decor 3

You will never have to worry about going all out with a classical living room. A captivating decorative wall decor is the finishing touch to a set-up of ornate classical furniture, richly detailed accessories and lavish fabrics. Further embellish it by having elegant colored-panels with equally opulent wall lamps.

Modern contemporary living room wall room wall decor 4

For a concrete wall in a Modern minimalist living room, the decor you need are striking art pieces for pops of color and for a sense of individualism. Let it lean on the wall instead for a dramatic outcome and framed them in black for definition. Choose two different patterns but of the same color shade to make it more effective.

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Rustic chic living room wall room wall decor 5

Let your personality be expressed and reflected through your living room wall decor. Make your lovely rustic wall be the storage for your gorgeous surfboard and at the same time having your surfboard be the perfect wall decor. Add in charming wall pieces for a chic and homey vibe.

Modern living room wall room wall decor 6

Define your modern living room of streamlined features with a simple yet compelling black and white wall decor. In a room of modern furniture, clean lines and a neutral palette with an accent color, a stunning black and white piece of art makes the space powerful and engaging.

Colorful living room wall room wall decor 7

Create a harmonious feeling among your living room furniture and accessories by choosing vibrant colors that blends together impressively. Life is too beautiful to not have a colorful living room and portray a happy environment with the help of a mesmerizing abstract wall decor.

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African living room wall room wall decor 8

Be bold and daring in your living room by hanging astonishing African and safari wall decors that complements the freestanding pieces. Randomly hang diverse wall head decors and bring out their unique character by having a vivid yellow-colored wall that match the other interior elements.

Musical living room wall room wall decor 9

Mount your musical instruments for a space-saving feature and at the same time your guitars can double as sensational wall decors. A vibrant red wall intensifies the effect of the musical wall decors and complete this concept by putting up black and white pictures of your family playing the instruments.

Wallpaper art for living room wall room wall decor 10

Your wallpaper can be a beautiful wall art too if you give it a twist. Choose an attention-grabbing wallpaper design and make it into an oversized framed piece of art in your neutral-colored living room. Fix the wallpaper wall decor to a white frame to create an amazing color-popping effect.

Luxe living room wall room wall decor 11

Amplify the luxurious vibe of your living room by having varied designs and sizes of starburst mirrors on your wall. Choose gold starburst pieces for a very luscious and extravagant ambiance that at the same time enrich the other elements and unifies with the other golden accents.

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Artsy living room wall room wall decor 12

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Let your wall be a gallery for your collection of paintings of varied sizes and frames. With wall decors like these, you really don’t need much effort for the paintings are magical on their own. Hang them randomly as the diversity is what will make your living room remarkable and extraordinary.

Wall decors add an interesting factor and a vibrant quality to your living rooms. It makes any space significant and inviting producing admiration and appreciation from anyone who’ll walk into your living room. These pieces also contain a lot of character for an added impact to your notable spaces. 

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