Kitchen Island Design Ideas that will Appeal to You

kitchen island design ideas 8

Kitchen island design ideas are meant for prepping, cooking, eating and extra space for anything that you need to do within your kitchen. It can also provide you extra storage for your kitchen utensils and other equipment. Read on for a list of the different ideas we have for kitchen island designs that will meet your preference.

Industrial meets rustic kitchen island design island design ideas 1

Let your big island be the focal point of your kitchen by making it conspicuous through a beautiful play of materials different from the kitchen counters. Use a rich-toned hardwood for the tabletop that complements the floor and the stools with their iron bases that matches the iron pendant lamps. Collectively, its industrial and rustic creating a stylish and homey ambiance.

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Country rustic kitchen island design island design ideas 2

Choose a beautiful combination for your kitchen island for a gorgeous outcome. Have lovely oiled oak counter top that gives justice to the powerful dark navy blue cabinets and at the same time harmonizes with the oak stools. Finish the look with vintage cooking equipment and antique pendant lamps for a country rustic vibe.

Curved counter top kitchen island design island design ideas 3

Break out from the regular rectangular-shaped kitchen island designs and opt for a unique curve one instead. This means bigger space for prep time and bigger space to share those early morning breakfasts and late-night snacks with your family. Go for stunning classical lamps and impressive seating to go with your ravishing counter top.

Homey vibes for a kitchen island design island design ideas 4

With a homey kitchen vibe, cooking and prepping will never be an issue in your house. Combine country, rustic and industrial elements to make small kitchen islands work. It may be small but it gives you the space and storage you need with it also being a nook area. Display various cooking equipment for a casual and cozy atmosphere.

Organization ideas for a kitchen island island design ideas 5

This kitchen island design idea will appeal to all kitchen connoisseur who only wants utmost convenience and only the best for their kitchen. Take advantage of a very long island and have plenty of storage for better organization of kitchen utensils and other equipment. Have a small dining area at the end to complete the idea.

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Multi-leveled kitchen island design island design ideas 6

Multi-leveled and curved kitchen island design, nothing’s too much for personality and function in this kitchen. This set-up engages bonding moments among family, as one is cooking, the rest can wait over the bar counter. Add substance to your kitchen island by going traditional as fine details and rich woods always win.

Modern rustic kitchen island design island design ideas 7

Design your kitchen island in a way that the counter top extends beyond the base cabinet supported by classical but antique-finished corbels. This provides extra prep space slash eating space. Choose accent pieces of wood stools with steel bases to break the neutral aura of the room giving it a certain vibe one can’t miss.

Patterns & textures for a kitchen island design island design ideas 8

Create an eye-catching kitchen island design with the use of patterns and textures. Make it stand out by using multi-toned wood as the base that is a beautiful contrast to a neutral kitchen palette and create stunning patterns with it to intensify the look.  Unify everything by using a white counter top and white base for the seating.

Huge ideas for a kitchen island island design ideas 9

If you have the space,  then design your kitchen island long and wide for fun prep times that can accommodate the whole family. Add in many chairs for shared meals and snacks that even your guest could join.  Pair wooden counter top with a lovely grain that harmonizes with the stunning ceiling and flooring. Also have a neutral base to emphasize its beauty better.

Traditional kitchen island design island design ideas 10

All-wooden concept will always be a good idea for a kitchen island design. Choose beautifully paneled and finely detailed kitchen cabinets to add design and to make it further interesting. Pair it with black granite to balance and complete the classic look.

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Extra storage ideas for a kitchen island island design ideas 11

Provision for many storage in your kitchen island for more space and extra storage for your wine that you can display on the sides. Pick a wooden cabinet that is dark-toned for it to stand out among the other light-colored kitchen cabinets. Keep everything neat and organized to showcase the design and elements in your kitchen island.

Dining space ideas for a kitchen island island design ideas 12

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Make your kitchen island a perfect spot to develop the bond among your family. Create a dining space with the use of the base cabinets of your island as the seat back for the benches. Add in a dining table and dining chairs for variety and for a more casual feel. Make it homey by adding in pillows and home plants.

Kitchen islands are there to make our kitchen life better. You can make it stand out or let it gorgeously blend with the rest of the kitchen elements. Have bigger islands or opt for small ones but with maximized storage for utmost function. Either way, let it provide you with the service its meant to give, aesthetically and functionally. 

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