Clever and Innovative Modern Bed Designs with Storage

modern bed designs with storage 9

Modern bed designs nowadays are ideally equipped with storage for space maximization and convenience. These bed designs offer various purposes for the once singular use for sleeping only. We curated the different ideas for modern bed designs with storage, let’s check it out.

Modern platform bed design with storage.modern bed designs with storage 1

Modern bed design with storage doesn’t only optimize your bedroom space but also makes your bed unique and distinct. Place your bed in a high platform for optimal space of all your stuff.  Also make use of a stepped bookshelf as your bed ladder for total dual purpose solutions.

Modern bed design with storage for clothes underneath.modern bed designs with storage 2

Another way of creating storage with your modern bed is by building a very high platform with a space underneath for a walk-in closet.  Install curtains for an option to hide the storage and have them in the same color as the walls for a unifying look when closed. Smart and useful that is.

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Modern bed design with storage around it.modern bed designs with storage 3

Utilize the area around your bed and build storage spaces underneath for added storage in your bedroom. This hides clutter and at the same very convenient for you to store and get your stuff. Blend it out by choosing a wood that is the same as the other furniture for a harmonious and modern appeal of your bedroom.

Modern bed design with stair storage.modern bed designs with storage 4

Have your bed in a mezzanine-type area to fully maximize your bedroom space. Make your stairs serve as a storage for your clothes all the way to the top and also the sides of the bed. Magnify the modern quality by having straight clean lines and have a contemporary take on wood for a sense of coziness.

Convertible modern bed designs with storage.modern bed designs with storage 5

Choose a convertible modern design bed with amazing storage to save space and to conform to the modern aspects of our lives. Tilting the bed upwards reveals a closet space for clothes without anyone guessing. One side of the bed also serves as a display cabinet and bookshelf simply concluding that this bed is very ideal for a teen’s room.

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Modern bed design: multi-functional loftmodern bed designs with storage 6

Transform your modern bedroom into a multi-functional loft. Unify the transition from down to up with the use of open storage cabinets fixed to the wall and attaching the stairs to it which at the same time giving a variety to the design. Escalate the storage space from under the bed up to above it by installing built-in cabinets too.

Modern bunk bed design with storage underneath.modern bed designs with storage 7

Utilize the bottom part of a bunk bed by using it as a work or study area. Let the storage cabinets be your table space too for maximum use of space and function. Modern bed design works best for this space as it allows the room to be organized accordingly and the clean lines makes the room look flawlessly clean. Natural lighting and an accent color completes this bedroom impressively.

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Modern bed design with bathroom underneath.modern bed designs with storage 8

Another idea for a space under your modern bed is to use it as your bathroom. This idea allows a small area dual purpose which is just clever and resourceful. Further expand potential space usage by making the stairs as storage too. Keep everything neat and clean for a clutter-free atmosphere.

Modern bed design with multi-storage functions.modern bed designs with storage 9

Freestanding bookshelves and cabinets eats a lot of floor space. Combine these functions under your bed for resourceful and innovative qualities. Now that’s getting many functions within the same footprint. Keep the environment modern to coincide with the edgy and geometric looking bed.

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Modern bed design with wall storage.modern bed designs with storage 10

Make use of the wall above your modern bed as a storage and create a niche that will serve as a headboard. Designed the cabinets in modern lines for a balanced and peaceful result. Also feel relaxed in this ingenious bedroom by installing wall lamps that creates a soft glow to highlight your bed and the niche.

Modern bed design with varied storage.modern bed designs with storage 11

Have variety of storage in your modern bed for a more casual effect. Combine open storage for display purposes and close storage for clutter-free and dust-free purposes for your clothes and linens. Keep everything in minimal for a very modern approach and let function take charge in this bedroom.

Modern bed design on storage cabinets and shelves.modern bed designs with storage 12

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Make the most of your bedroom by utilizing the floor to ceiling space. Locate your bed amongst the storage cabinets and have drawers serve as the steps into going up your modern bed which you can close. Amplify the wall behind your bed by having built-in shelves for your books and other personal items.

Modern bed designs not only provide space-saving solutions but also instill a certain personality to your bedroom. It can make up the design of your bed at the same time allowing multi-functional ideas for utmost maximization. In these modern times, furniture like these are the precious gems we should definitely have.

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