12 Incredible Solutions for TV over Fireplace Ideas

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TV over fireplace seems to be a very common set-up for homes now. Though some wants to have the option to hide it once in a while and others to display it conspicuously, either way we all long for the entertainment televisions bring and they seem to be part of our modern lives now. Let us enlighten you with the different ideas you can do with your TV over the fireplace set-up.

TV over fireplace idea in sync.tv over the fireplace ideas 1

Create a unifying look between your TV and fireplace by placing them in a continuous structure. The mantel seems like to go through up to the ceiling so the sense of division between the two seems minimal and creatively done. The benches by the bay windows and the tufted bench are perfect contrast to the TV which makes it feel very comforting.

Pull door ideas for a TV over fireplace set-up.tv over the fireplace ideas 2

For a cleaner look of a TV over fireplace idea, have pull doors to hide them whenever not in need. You can have the entertainment the television offers but at the same time it won’t disrupt the room’s natural and neat features as you have the option to close it. This idea also offers space maximization resulting to an uncluttered atmosphere.

Sliding door idea to hide a TV over the fireplace.tv over the fireplace ideas 3

Install sliding doors to hide in your television when not in used and to keep the warm ambiance of the living room. Blend the sliding doors by painting it as the same color with the mantel and walls, this also lets the fireplace stand out on its own. To keep the sliding doors from being plain and dull, have designs on it that match the classical features of its surroundings.

A TV over fireplace homey ambiance.tv over the fireplace ideas 4

A living room is meant to be welcoming and comfortable and a television may bring rather a different ambiance. To prevent this, make your living room especially near the TV as homey as possible. Display your personal collections of figurines and statues on each side of the fireplace, also place warm wall pendants on each side of the TV and intensify the homey vibe with home plants.

Is that a TV or a fireplace?tv over the fireplace ideas 5

Choose a television that looks and has the same size as your fireplace. This projects uniformity and definition between the two in a white-walled and dark-toned furniture room. Bring design and dimension into your TV over fireplace idea by using different moldings and varied lines to let the interest flow.

A TV over fireplace illusion solutions.tv over the fireplace ideas 6

Bring the attention to your fireplace instead of the technology by using stunning tiles. The combination of varied tile colors creates a glittering illusion which totally lets anyone focus on it instead of the hard features of the TV. Still, as the TV is black it kinds of project consistency from the fireplace. Also installing an alcove wall for the TV protects it from the fireplace’s heat.

Tilting ideas for a TV over fireplace.tv over the fireplace ideas 7

Opt for a tilting mechanism for your television to prevent neck strain and eyesores. You can just put it straight back whenever not in use. Place your television in a simple but with character kind-of-wall to keep it from looking like just a technology fixed somewhere.

Framed TV over fireplace idea.tv over the fireplace ideas 8

Put your television on a lovely framed wall to make it look like a painting over a fireplace. The wooden wall softens its technological feature and makes it adaptable to the minimalist and warm ambiance of the house. Align the frame with the fireplace for a more symmetrical look which contributes to the sense of balance of the room.

Foldable mirror solutions for a TV over fireplace idea.tv over the fireplace ideas 9

Hiding TV solutions have never been this elegant like an antique mirror does. Install it in a way that you can fold back the mirrors to hide the television and your guests won’t even know there is a TV behind. This idea specifically goes with a chic classical room wherein a mirror would be the perfect and charming finish.

Paintings as sliding doors for TV over fireplace idea.tv over the fireplace ideas 10

Cater charisma and artistic vibe to your living room through paintings made as a sliding door to cover the TV. It probably is one of the most creative ideas to do to enclose a TV over a fireplace. Choose a painting that doesn’t only coincide with the color scheme of the room but something that will also add personality.

Natural look for your TV over fireplace idea.tv over the fireplace ideas 11

Having a mantel between your television and mantel has many advantages. One, it can block the heat coming from the fireplace thus it offers protection to the TV. Second, dark-toned wooden mantel brings warmth and texture to a fireplace especially wherein a technology equipment is present. Having a full stone brick wall is just another way to magnify the relaxing ambiance.

Lovely room for a TV over fireplace idea.tv over the fireplace ideas 12

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You can also just simply place your television up against a plain wall with the help of an already well-decorated room. Let your television blend with the neutral yet very stylish room through the black wall lamps, black fireplace, black furniture and striped rug. It’s as if the TV is part of the interior accessories you really just have to let the room speak for itself.

Although some may say that it’s not ideal to place a technology above a fireplace, there are ways wherein we can protect the television from heat. Recessed and alcove walls, mantels and TV covers can all do this with style. Just design them creatively to blend the TV with the rest of the interior elements and you will never have to worry.

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