12 Adorable Minnie Mouse Room Ideas for Little Princesses

minnie mouse room ideas 4

Minnie Mouse is loved by all girls of all ages, in all honesty me as well. Having things and images of Minnie Mouse inside our rooms will bring inspiration, happiness and entertainment. Capture the magic of Disney within your kid’s room with these sweet ideas.

Minnie Mouse room ideas in cream tones.minnie mouse room ideas 1

Minnie Mouse in neutral shades are pretty still. Opt for a muted color scheme in a nursery room and apply a wall decal of Minnie Mouse in black and white for a soft blend and finish. Keep everything in harmony by using furniture of the same color scheme. Quotes on the wall also adds quirkiness for this Disney-themed room.

Minnie Mouse wall decal room ideas.minnie mouse room ideas 2

A royal treatment for your one and only princess. Have a magical Minnie Mouse wall decal above your baby’s crib for an enchanting sleep. Add in your baby’s name for identity and a sense of uniqueness. A pink wall decal goes well with a neutral color scheme.

A red Mickey+Minnie Mouse room idea.minnie mouse room ideas 3

Minnie Mouse will always be great together with Mickey Mouse for a more fun environment. Make use of their signature color for a vivid result. Also have details that would go along with the concept like red heart-shaped rug and bathroom accessories with a mouse logo.

A chic Minnie Mouse room idea.
minnie mouse room ideas 4

A white and pink color scheme is great for a Minnie Mouse room idea. Having white as the dominant color tones down bright pink and makes it chic and stylish for a kid’s bedroom. A Minnie Mouse headboard matched the Minnie Mouse mirror perfectly and add an elegant chandelier for a lovely effect.

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A perky Minnie Mouse room idea.minnie mouse room ideas 5

Minnie Mouse is most loved by little girls so reflect your child’s bubbly personality by applying Minnie Mouse in her room in a fun way. Choose Minnie Mouse prints that are cute and cheery to achieve the same ambiance. Further define this by choosing quirky accessories as well.

Mix and match Minnie Mouse room idea.
minnie mouse room ideas 6

For a more interesting outcome, mix and match Minnie Mouse with other designs that still coincides with its motif. Also choose different colors and shades for assortment like mixing pink polka dots and stripes with gray polka dots and stripes. Use white for the walls and furniture to balance everything out.

A lavender Minnie Mouse room idea.minnie mouse room ideas 7

Minnie Mouse is lovely with lavender too it actually brings a new flavor to the character. Have your nursery walls in lavender and neutralize with white furniture. Make a twist to the usual Minnie Mouse decal and have little white mouse logos form a mouse pattern instead. Subtle but still excellent.

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Black and white Mickey+Minnie Mouse room idea.
minnie mouse room ideas 8

Achieve a contemporary Mickey and Minnie room idea with black and white bedding and pillows in a setting of white walls and wooden floors. This room idea is very generic so it can be for both boys and girls. It’s modern in its own way but still adheres to the concept.

All pink Minnie Mouse room idea.
minnie mouse room ideas 9

Pick a pastel shade of pink as the dominant color for this Minnie Mouse room idea as it showcases the design in a soft way. Combine with plain color and darker tones to not make it busy to look at. For consistency purposes, pair with white furniture and accessories.

Minnie Mouse room idea for sisters.
minnie mouse room ideas 10

Minnie Mouse room idea is an impeccable taste for sisters who love the character. Paint pink polka dots on the walls for a very Minnie Mouse-y ambiance and use neutral ceiling and floors to counterbalance. Minnie Mouse stuff toys of varied sizes are the perfect conclusion to this room.

A pink and purple Minnie Mouse room idea.minnie mouse room ideas 11

For a more amusing Minnie Mouse nursery room, fuse pink and purple in the bedding, curtains and accessories. Maintain the concept all over the room from wall decals, to hamper, down to the rotatable crib toy.

Pastels for a Minnie Mouse room.
minnie mouse room ideas 14

Pastel shades of blue, pink and green is a good combination for a Minnie Mouse nursery room too. Use pastel blue in the walls for a light atmosphere accentuated with pink and white frames. Pastel pink and green for the bedding and blanket complements the whole composition and is very ideal for your baby.

Minnie Mouse themed-room can be achieved in many applications, dominantly or in a subtle way. It’s a matter of combination of colors, patterns and designs. The end game is to get a pleasing and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your princess.

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