Innovative Ideas to Make your Decorative Fireplace Useful Again

decorative fireplace ideas 3

Fireplaces that are not functional are not hopeless. In fact, there are a lot of inventive and resourceful ideas that we can make use of to make our fireplaces meaningful again. Check out our list on how to creatively make your decorative fireplace the focal point of the room.

Sunshine on your decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 1

For unused fireplace, tile it up with some pretty happy color like yellow. Make it functional as a storage for your books, and neatly arranged it for a clean look. Paint the walls white and use white floors to make the decorative fireplace even more conspicuous. I couldn’t imagine any other way to make this even more distinct.

Multicolored decorative fireplace idea.decorative fireplace ideas 2

Make your decorative fireplace inspiring with the use of splashy and vivid colors. Keep everything in white for a nice backdrop for the varied colored logs. Just pile the logs on top of each other and color the ends only for a nice finish. Match with colorful paintings and other accessories for a harmonic look.

A decorative fireplace-gallery idea.  decorative fireplace ideas 3

Another ingenious idea for a decorative fireplace is to make it a gallery for paintings. Use simple but stunning pieces to give charisma to the unused fireplace. Also have diverse sizes for the paintings and make use of lovely frames to attract attention. Put flowers to beautify the fireplace and match the frames.

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 Candle holders idea for your decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 4

Use your gorgeous candle holders as decorative pieces on your unused fireplace. Put one candle holder in a stool for height and use white candles to match the white walls, floor and other white accessories. Add greens to this neutral room to bring life and color and don’t forget to accessorize.

Graphically interesting decorative fireplace idea.decorative fireplace ideas 5

Don’t fret for fireplaces that are not functional anymore, instead take advantage of them. For fireplaces that are already sensational on its own, add contrast by having an interesting graphic print. The room and the fireplace are a walking contradictory but in a very smashing idea.

White candles idea for a decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 6

Use your fireplace as a source of heat still by lining up candles of varied sizes. Close it up with a color that match the fireplace itself. Having a black decorative fireplace on black walls are dazzling on its own so many white candles would do the trick. Accentuate with lovely flowers.

 Varied vases idea for your decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 7

For a clean but still lovely set-up, don’t look far and use your white vases as the focal points of your decorative fireplace. To make it intriguing, put flowers on one vase only and use different sizes and shapes of vases. Add a splash of color by putting up a massive colorful painting above the fireplace.

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Logs and lights idea for a decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 8

Put a twist to your logs by adding in artificial plants and scatter some string lights to make it enchanting. Paint your fireplace white to make this set-up to be even more enticing. To contrast, use wooden floors to also add warmth.

Bouquet of flowers for a decorative fireplace. decorative fireplace ideas 9

For a decorative fireplace located on a beautiful room, you don’t need to do a lot with it. Its shape and feature is ravishing on its own so just place a bouquet of lovely flowers and you’re set. Put smaller bouquet of flowers above the fireplace on each end and finish with a head-turner ornate mirror.

A storage decorative fireplace idea.decorative fireplace ideas 10

Make your unused fireplace useful again by making it a storage for your personal items. Install white shelves to match the fireplace’s color and make it unique by having dainty wallpaper as backing. Put some chic accessories above the mantel for a stylish outcome.

Fabrics and lights idea for a decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 11

If you want to be spared from all the fancy things to put inside your decorative fireplace, get this look with the use of only fabric and string lights. Pick a fabric with the same color as your fireplace to blend it out and add interest by lighting up string or fairy lights inside. Bewitching and charming, that is.

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Magical reflections for your decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 12

If you have an old-world looking fireplace, make use of its alluring quality by enhancing its dramatic potential. Lined in candles with varied sizes and holders and put an appealing mirror to create a stunning reflection. Magical result with less of an effort.

Faux stacked log idea for a decorative fireplace.decorative fireplace ideas 13

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Create a faux look for your decorative fireplace with the use of stacked logs. Use this as a screen to your unused fireplace and it will always give the illusion of logs stacked all the way to the deep end. Its actually just logs being cut to a certain point and being fixed on a screen but still very creative.


Dysfunctional fireplaces can still be functional even for a different purpose than it’s supposed to be. Moreover, reinventing it into something creative will give a certain personality to any room. Don’t neglect them just yet, be daring and let your ingenuity take over. 

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