12 Inspiring Pottery Barn Ideas for Notable Living Rooms

pottery barn living room ideas 5

Pottery Barn is a United States-based upscale home furnishing store chain and they offer amazing design services as well. Their portfolio has been proven great and we’ve come up with a list for Pottery Barn living room ideas to inspire you.

Muted tone living room idea from Pottery Barn.pottery barn living room ideas 1

This Pottery Barn living room makes use of the color gray applied in different patterns and textures. Have subtlety of texture and color on the L-shaped sectional sofa, framed canvas and velvet pillow. Add in printed wool rug and printed pillows to make it interesting and have honey gold accent pillows to make the living room engaging. A dark-toned coffee table with classical and organic accessories will all make the look whole.

Brick life idea for a Pottery Barn living room.pottery barn living room ideas 2

Brick walls are timeless and the Pottery Barn knows it. It’s flexible and workaround its color to achieve a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Project elegance with the use of gold-framed tables and gold lanterns. Pick a neutral palette for the sofa, pillows and rug to make the brick wall stand-out as it should be.

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Pottery Barn Scandinavian living room diaries.pottery barn living room ideas 3

For an all-white living room, the blue and red textiles exudes the right ambiance of a Scandinavian room. Use honest materials for furniture like reclaimed wood for the coffee and side tables and a wool jute rug to heighten everything else. Install large windows for natural lighting and keep accessories to minimal.

Wood choices for living rooms from Pottery Barn.pottery barn living room ideas 4

Achieve the organic look for your living room by focusing on wood applied in different ideas. Have the rest in white so the character of the wood would come through. Reclaimed center tables, wooden posts and wooden beams together with live plants is a direct interpretation of the outdoors.

Shades of blue Pottery Barn living room idea.pottery barn living room ideas 5

This living room idea from Pottery Barn is very composed yet refreshingly cool at the same time. Use white and gray dominantly to be the canvas to the varied shades and prints of blue. Mix basketweave pillows with a striped one that match the rug. Finish the look with a textile canvas wall art.

Brown business for a Pottery Barn living room.pottery barn living room ideas 6

If you want comfort and function in one, then get inspired by this Pottery Barn living room. The massive sectional sofa is just so inviting makes you want to cuddle on there the whole day. The fact that the color scheme revolves around brown radiates a warm and relaxing ambiance. Add in shine value by having brass pieces as accents.

Pottery Barn living room idea of chicness.pottery barn living room ideas 7

Pottery Barn is fond of neutrals and why not, it’s flexible and very pleasing to the eyes. It’s a matter of textures and accents to keep the room interesting. For this living room, play with prints and textures through the pillows. Metal-clad coffee table absolutely looks stunning in this set-up finished with the glass floor lamp.

Organic living room ideas from Pottery Barn.pottery barn living room ideas 8

Gray is a versatile color and goes well with the organic materials used for this Pottery Barn living room idea. Different tones of woods, willow baskets and metal creates a subdued concept not short of character. Display your collections to add an intriguing feeling to the room.

Chill ideas for a Pottery Barn living room.pottery barn living room ideas 9

A living room is meant for relaxation and entertainment of guest and as comfort is ideal here, choose comfortable sofas. This Pottery barn living room shows that you don’t have to go big on details to have a lovely room, sometimes its all about staying true to purpose. With a neutral palette like this, choose pieces that has personality to bring the look together.

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Pottery Barn cafe living room idea.pottery barn living room ideas 10

Uniqueness can still be achieved with a neutral color scheme for a living room through amazing ideas. Choose pieces that will make your room distinct like this tripod floor lamp and the Paris bistro framed menu. Accessorize with plants to enliven the space.

Happy blues living room ideas.pottery barn living room ideas 12

If you fancy a stronger shade of blue, play with it to balance its contrasting value. Like this Pottery Barn living room idea, pick something to have the color with and vary it by having different designs and styles. You can have the color in the rug too but layer over it a brown jute rug to neutralize.

For the children Pottery Barn living room idea.pottery barn living room ideas 13

Images via Pinterest

For someone who wants a home where their children can learn and have fun, this living room idea is for you. Pottery Barn came up with a bright concept of both a living room and a playhouse. Framed images of alphabets and number together with a camping tent is totally one remarkable idea of a living room.

Living rooms are meant to be open and welcoming.  Though it should be designed the way you want it to be, it should always be comfortable,  inviting and pleasant. 

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