Enchanting Diwali Decoration Ideas for the Radiant-Spirited You

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Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights that includes home decoration, fireworks, prayers and religious rituals. It is a radiant festivity and people are always looking forward to clean their homes and start decorating with creative decors. Let us be a part of that merriment in providing you wonderful Diwali decoration ideas.

Diwali traditional decoration idea of lighting.diwali decoration ideas 1

Diwali is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and people light candles to signify this. Use traditional brass pieces as candle holders over a nice earthen plate. Scatter white flowers all over it to further beautify. Place it all over the house or as centerpieces to enjoy the air of the festivity.

Ganesha Diwali decoration idea.diwali decoration ideas 2

Ganesha is a Hindu God of New Beginnings. Different religions worship him and most of them have images and statues of the said God. During Diwali, decorate your Ganesh statues with flowers and candles as a sign of devotion.

Star lanterns Diwali decoration idea.diwali decoration ideas 3

The symbolic lighting during Diwali is made more beautiful by using decorative lanterns. Have it in the same concept with varied designs and colors to bring a radiating emotion to everyone. Its happiness and positive energy every time you look up.

Floral rangoli for your Diwali decoration idea.diwali decoration ideas 4

Rangolis are symbols of positive energy but for beautification purposes, make it as pretty as you can. Using the colors pink, yellow, orange and white creates a varied brilliance that is definitely very attractive. Layer the different flowers in a way that they stand out and finish with lighted candles at the ends.

Diwali floating candles idea.diwali decoration ideas 5

Everyone finds floating candles pretty. And placing them together with petals of flowers makes it even more captivating. Circle in another set of candles at the bottom to top it off. Now imagine everyone having these outside their homes. Just splendid.

Diwali bangle decoration idea.diwali decoration ideas 6

Foods and sweets are widely celebrated during Diwali. Decorate your dinner tables with colorful and creative pieces like bangle candle holders. Combine different colors and designs for bewitching results.  The key is using contrasting colors over a neutralizing color of brass.

A Diwali decoration idea made up of diverse candle holders.diwali decoration ideas 7

Use assorted candle holders for variety and lovely play of lights. Choose different materials for these and spread out flowers in a messy idea for unscripted feels. This set-up alone already depicts the festive celebration.

Jewel tones Diwali decoration idea.diwali decoration ideas 8

This is a stunning decoration idea for a joyous Diwali celebration. Pick colors that are radiant and will create a happy atmosphere throughout your home. Jewel tones of pinks, purples and oranges are good complements of brass and golden pieces and accessories.

Lanterns over flowers Diwali decoration idea.
diwali decoration ideas 9

Combine everything good about this celebration. Flowers, colorful lanterns, dim and warm lighting, and hang them altogether for a unifying look. Nothing spells festive more than this delightful set-up.

Diwali decoration idea of ornate brass lanterns.diwali decoration ideas 10

Let your traditional brass lanterns take their spotlight during Diwali. Decorative and ornate pieces like these conforms to tradition and rose petals as decoration ideas are very ideal, plus they give off a fragrant smell in your home.

Hanging mason jar decoration idea for Diwali.diwali decoration ideas 11

We are in constant lookout for creativity and mason jars use as decorations are one of them. Magnify its creative facet by hanging them with ropes together with fairy lights. Choose different opaque colors for added charm.

Diwali means ‘series of light’.diwali decoration ideas 12

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Interpret Diwali literally by decorating series of lights across your homes. Line it up in the corners and edges in your house using tea lights for that amazing and enchanting warm glow. Add height by randomly putting brass lanterns and magnify the excitement by using an accent color under the candles.

Diwali interpretation may evolve over the years but it will always be a celebration of jubilation, prosperity and hope. And though it may be celebrated only on certain countries and religions, we can always get inspiration from the decorating ideas of the celebration and modifying it to better fit our preferences.

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