14 Amusing Ninja Turtle Room Ideas for All Ages

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We all have a favorite character we’re dying to put in our walls or even in the whole room if only we could. For kids, their room should be a reflection of them and should trigger positive emotions as they spend a whole lot of time here. For someone who’s a fan and looking for Ninja Turtle room ideas, you’re in for a treat.

A neutral palette for a Ninja Turtle room idea.ninja turtle room ideas 1

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Keep everything in neutral shade that will wonderfully match the Ninja Turtles color. Using different shades of brown and beige makes the mural of the Ninja Turtles the focal point of the room. Keep the room interesting by using striped-pattern bedding with matching striped rug.

A Ninja Turtle room idea for grown-up boys.ninja turtle room ideas 2

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Ninja Turtle can be masculine if paired with dark colors such as black and gray. Silver furniture and accessories adds to the industrial grown-up look of the room. Use accent colors like orange and green to add color to the monotonous color scheme.

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Choose an eye-catching Ninja Turtle lounge chair.ninja turtle room ideas 3

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This is too cute and perfect for your little boys, make that anyone that is a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Put this in rooms to exude a light and happy atmosphere. This unique piece of furniture is a sure way of adding something that’s both function and character.

All-green Ninja Turtle room idea. ninja turtle room ideas 4

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Make use of the Ninja Turtles signature color. Have green curtains that will match the Ninja Turtles print bed sheet and pillow. Pair it with a white wall and have wooden floors to match the wooden bed. In totality, this creates a comfortable and warm ambiance.

Ninja Turtle room idea is for girls too.ninja turtle room ideas 5

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Create a girl’s contemporary room around a Ninja Turtle idea. Who says these characters are dominantly for boys only? Make it feminine by using quaint furniture and accessories.  A touch of pink and lavender surely makes this Ninja Turtle room ideal for girls.

A stunning Ninja Turtle lamp idea.ninja turtle room ideas 6

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Isn’t this Ninja Turtle lamp the coolest? This will definitely add a fun atmosphere to any room.  Put this in the walls and always be amazed once lighted up.

A popping color scheme for a Ninja Turtle room.

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Workaround with colors that are attractive and goes with the Ninja Turtle bedding you have. If the room is for your little boy,  decorate it that way with a sense of fun and adventure. Neutralize it with white walls and dark floors for this is a bedroom and colors should always be ideal for sleep and relaxation.

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Choose a colorful Ninja Turtle dresser for your boy.ninja turtle room ideas 8

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A Ninja Turtle room idea is not complete without this dresser for your young ones. It will just be heartwarming to see smiling turtles every time your child will change. Match this with Ninja Turtles bed sheets and you just got the concept right.

Double the fun, the Ninja Turtle way!ninja turtle room ideas 9

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Ninja Turtle green is best paired with navy blue, dark-toned furniture and neutral walls and floor.  This room idea is best for grown-up boys and teenagers. It still projects character but the idea is toned down and applied maturely.

Stuff toys are for boys too.ninja turtle room ideas 10

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If your kid is a big fan of Ninja Turtles, then spoil him with it for he’ll only be a kid once. Choose Ninja Turtles beddings, pillowcases, blankets and complete the idea with huggable Ninja Turtle stuff toys, with the complete gang please. Harmonize by choosing plain shades of green and blue for everything else.

A black and white Leonardo mural for a modern Ninja Turtle room idea.ninja turtle room ideas 11

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This is perfect for someone a fan of the Ninja Turtles but wanting to keep it in moderation. White brick walls keeps the room in neutral but adds texture at the same time, thus making it a splendid canvas for the black and white Leonardo mural. Add in yellow and green accent pillows for a pop of color.

Let boys be boys.ninja turtle room ideas 12

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Up the fun by making the room an excellent set-up for little boys. Choose an interesting bed for a high-spirited child who loves the Ninja Turtles. A combination of the character with the concept of a playground will surely be a good place for making fun childhood memories.

A contemporary Ninja Turtle room idea.ninja turtle room ideas 13

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Think eclectic and pop art concept, and add in the Ninja Turtle idea. The Ninja Turtle can be interpreted in something ideal for a bachelor’s pad who loves his superheroes. The lovely fusion of materials, textures, prints and a pop of color is harmony in its own epic way.

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Ninja Turtle room idea for brothers.ninja turtle room ideas 14

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It is just exciting to decorate a Ninja Turtle room for brothers. Choose a bed appropriate for their size and for variety, choose different prints for them that are both delightful. Ninja Turtle posters, wall stickers and figurines are a must.


Ninja Turtle is not merely for kids alone but for forever kids-at-heart too. Moderation and the right incorporation is the key for an ideal Ninja Turtle room idea. Be bold. Choosing a theme for a room is vital as our home should be a place where we most feel comfortable in, and never forget the element of fun!

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