14 Exciting Couples Room Ideas for All Passionate Couples

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Whether you’re a newly-wed couple, a couple with a lot of children already, or a long-time couple of 10, 20 or even 50 years, romance and good relationship between the two of you should never be forsaken. So here are 14 couples room ideas perfect for all couples out there.

A romantic bedroom just for the best couple.couples room ideas 10

The bedroom is the most intimate room for couples.  Maximize its romantic potential by decorating it where you can be yourselves, in style. Have a neutral palette fit for the both of you but incorporate romantic pieces like classical furniture and a four-poster bed mixed with the modern aspects of the room. Invest on a comfortable bed and soft pillows to give you both the relaxation you romantically deserve.

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Create a cozy space perfect for couples.couples room ideas 9

Cozying up and cuddling is essential for couples to preserve the romantic flare. What better way to do this than decorating a room where the both of you can just relax, watch a movie and snuggle.  You don’t need grand furniture to do this, just transform your couch into a cuddle area by throwing in varied sizes of pillows. Blankets, furs, and candles complete the look.

A romantic bathtub to ease the stress away.couples room ideas 8

Don’t let the stress from work affect the romantic relationship between the both of you. You should each be the reason why one is excited to go home after a tiresome day. Have your bathtub a perfect area where the both of you can relax and talk about your day. Keep the ambiance dreamy by using tealight candles.

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Decorate a romantic getaway space for couples.couples room ideas 7

Variety is essential for couples too. You can’t always spend your time together in one area alone, now where’s the fun in that? Make use of your outdoor balcony or a rooftop and make it into the most romantic spot for those special occasions you will be celebrating. Set it up with the use of a big mattress, lots of pillows, flowers, hang in strings lights and your good to go.

A dining room perfect for a couple’s dinner date.couples room ideas 6

Having your dinner date in your very own dining table has its perks too. It gives you the privacy you want, you can set it up just how you want it to be, and it leaves you more time for each other, definitely no rush. Romantic and private, you wouldn’t want to have your dinner date any other way.

Decorate a room for couples to breath in the outdoors.couples room ideas 5

You don’t always have to be outdoors to get the feeling of being one. Have a room instead that is an extension of the outdoors. Have glass windows and doors to maximize the view and you’re both in for a romantic treat that makes use of natural lighting and greenery.

Set the mood for a couples room with candles and lighting.couples room ideas 4

With the right lighting, comes the right ambiance. Set the mood for a random romantic night for the both of you by having candles everywhere and making use of those dim lighting. Surprise your other half with how romantic your home can turn into, and trust me, he/she will always be home early.

Decorate a room that has the best view for couples.couples room ideas 3

Make use of that beautiful view outside your house and have your morning coffee or breakfast overlooking it. This is a great area to spend time together before going through a busy day ahead. Have glass windows in this room next to a balcony ideal for a stress-free time together.

An outdoor spa idea for couples.couples room ideas 2

An outdoor spa tub is a great idea for couples especially for those weekends of relaxation. It’s still within your house but having no ceiling gives you the impression that you are outdoors, or better yet, in Bali. This gives you both privacy but still letting you romantically enjoy the view and the stars above.

Create a couple’s spot.couples room ideas 1

When your family gets bigger, the relationship between just the two of you should never disappear. So have a spot where you both can call it yours alone. Even with just table and chairs where you can retreat once in a while is perfect. A great view on this area is a bonus.

A romantic resort-themed couple’s bedroom.couples room ideas 11

Design your bedroom in a way that it will be flexible to any certain redecoration. Choose furniture that are made of wood and organic materials as they are adaptable to most themes. With a bedroom like this, all you need are candles, rose petals and wine and both of you will surely feel like staying in a resort. For those regular days, this idea of a bedroom will bring warmth and comfort to couples.

 A His and Her spot for couples.couples room ideas 12

This is a proven secret to happy and long-lasting marriages. As couples, there still has to be a privacy especially for personal needs and belongings. A separate space in the bathroom for instance will prevent unnecessary arguments and thus will keep the sense of mystery alive. This way also can couples have their own preference regarding their personal space.

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Printed ‘Mr.’ & ‘Mrs.’ couples ideacouples room ideas 13

Little printed pillows like these are good reminders of being a couple. Not that you really need it, but in the midst of a marriage, simple things like this will bring a smile during best and tough times. It also is an indication of a room full of fun, memories and humor.

Nostalgic fireplace for a passionate couple.couples room ideas 14

Feel like a new couple getting away, eloping or staying in a stranded town. Keep the fire burning between couples literally next to one. Camp in front of your romantic fireplace and heighten the romantic feeling by lighting candles with traditional candle holders. Brick fireplaces over wooden floors are simply captivating for this set-up.

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As couples, there are a lot of factors to consider in all aspects over the course of your marriage. And whether you realize it or not, your home, where you build your relationship and your family plays a vital role in the happiness and memories you will both share. So make good use of it by decorating it that will contribute to the success of you as couples.

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