12 Stunning Ideas to Make your Brick Wall Fireplace Unique

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A fireplace is both functional and decorative. One can get overwhelmed though and don’t have any idea what to do to maximize its full potential. Also, having a brick wall fireplace may appeal to you to be limiting in terms of how to decorate it. To help you, here are some brilliant ideas that you can surely work with.   

1. Paint your brick wall fireplace black.

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Be bold and modernized your brick fireplace by having it in black. Keep it harmonized by having a shiny black mantel that matches the black and white picture frames above it. A white wall lets this set-up stand-out. Having wooden furniture and organic accessories brings warmth and texture to the cold look of the fireplace. That stag head above surely brings more character to this brick fireplace.

2. A whitewash brick wall idea for your fireplace.

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One way of keeping your brick wall fireplace timeless is by achieving a whitewash effect. Define your fireplace by enclosing it with a layered whitewash mantel and lining the fireplace itself with a black frame. Classic furniture makes the look sophisticated and sleek. Perfect for those movie time and relaxation moments.

3. Achieve a textured look for your fireplace.

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Have your walls and ceiling in white and make your brick wall fireplace the focal point. A monochromatic look is never a boring idea with the right play of textures. Intensify it by creating a pattern with the use of varying shades of bricks. Keep the interest throughout the room by having a zebra printed rug across the floor.

4. Have different colors of brick for your fireplace.

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Using light shade bricks over a darker shade makes your fireplace pop-out. This is further defined by having a white mantel over a white wall. Accessorize it with different pieces of the same color shade to make it homey and comfortable. Putting in plants enlivens the space and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

5. Highlight your brick fireplace with variation of elements.

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Put emphasis on your brick wall fireplace with the use of visible lines and variety of design. The wood panel feature above the fireplace creates a division between two materials but at the same time making it engaging for anyone to see. Having the whole look in neutral shade and using minimal accessories makes it modern and chic.

6. Make your brick wall fireplace traditional with the help of wood.

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Create a very fascinating fireplace by enclosing it under the stairs. Combination of red bricks and rich-toned woods is a set-up perfect for any traditional home. Make it more engaging by having different designs of wood that houses the fireplace in a very creative way. This brick fireplace will definitely makes anyone nostalgic.

7. Blend your brick wall fireplace with the use of paint.

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If you want to achieve a clean-looking fireplace then paint it all-white. Having the same brick wall also makes it neat to look at but still gives texture. Break the monotony by using a wooden mantel in sync with the ceiling, floor and furniture. Add in organic accessories and live plants to make your brick fireplace tropical and contemporary.

8. Cage your brick fireplace in a decorative way.

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Nothing makes it more unique that having a decorative gate on your fireplace. Let the element flow by having your chandelier, wall sconces and accessories in the same material too. There is a contrast of material between the brick fireplace and wooden ceiling but at the same time they are being united by using the same shade of white. This idea conceives a very laid-back classic ambiance.

9. Makeover your unused fireplace into a house of art.

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Don’t forsake that dysfunctional fireplace just yet. Turn it into the perfect spot for your collections instead. This brick wall fireplace makes it look like that it was made for the Buddha statue. The carved mantel accentuates the fireplace just the right way and the equally captivating painting above it further enhances the look.

10. Two-way brick wall fireplace idea.

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What’s better than a one-sided fireplace? A fireplace that is accessible on both sides. This gives privacy to both rooms but at the same still creates an open flow due to the open spaces. Make it noticeable by creating a solid square mantel enclosing the fireplace within the brick wall. Consistency is achieved by also having the inner fireplace in bricks.

11. A platform idea for your fireplace.

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Placing your fireplace on a platform is a great way to make it striking and eye-catching. A classical motif for the mantel and platform makes it look structured as the different lines gives dimension and texture to the brick fireplace. Style it up by using gold-framed paintings and chic lampshade.

12. Create a contrasting look for your brick fireplace.

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Another idea to make your fireplace interesting is with the use of different materials. Who knows brick and wood would look this good. The secret is to have both materials in the same shade to make the look consistent. Having a natural colored wood as a mantel gives it a contrasting approach to the brick wall fireplace. A starburst mirror is the perfect final touch.

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Our brick wall fireplaces are our constant comforter especially for those cold nights. Their decorative aspect shouldn’t be ignored also. We can decorate them in coordination with the room’s concept or make them as a focal point in a certain area. There are countless ideas that we can apply to our fireplaces if we let our imagination and ingenuity take control.


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