Clearly a must have for the women out there who JUST NEED to compact a room full of accessories into an extreme storage and organization assembly..

Make-up can take up a lot of space, right? So why not utilize this extreme storage and organization unit in your home.

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Featuring a large furniture unit that unfolds near countless times to discover more … and yet more compartments of storage space.

Extreme Storage and Organization
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My own experiences with make-up storage needs. 

So I have been with my wife now for 10 years and we have a wonderful 2 year old daughter and 9 month old son. We use to joke while waiting for the results of gender for our 2nd that if it was a girl and we tried for a 3rd that how would I survive if another girl came along!

Although realistically, sure I would have survived but …


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Areas such as make-up storage or for that matter bathroom time was a concern.

The thought of having to share the house and bathroom with my wife and 3 girls made me second guess the thought of going for a 3rd child to try for a boy.

What About Girl Slumber Parties?!!

But luckily we were blessed to have one beautiful daughter and handsome son.

I of course say ‘handsome’ giving my son the benefit of the doubt as he’s just passed the vomiting on himself stage and full force into the drooling on everything stage.

Combine that with a poopy diaper that wasn’t able to hold down the battle from spreading up his back and I stop and think … my boy – you handsome devil you!


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But I digress …

My wife has always had a very small collection of make-up accessories that she has relied on somewhat religiously over the years.

So in comparison to perhaps the movies or other horror stories I hear from others …

I’ve avoided any major concern over needing extreme storage and organization in that department.

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Clutter Bathroom Sink
Wife to Husband: Will you put away your razor when you’re done?!

But I completely understand the passion that one might need to go to such lengths as this.

I mean for me tools and sports paraphernalia might also require such an extreme storage and organization.

I’m waiting on you Craftsmen!

But I’m the type to leave stuff out anyways, put things down and forget where they go.

Clean up your bathroom clutter and organize in style.

When you toss the laundry over to the basket and it doesn’t quite get there but you cannot really walk over because that would defeat the purpose of having tossed in the first place …

It might be a little difficult for me to abide by such an extreme storage and organization.

But luckily the storage unit shown here by Creative Ideas and Tutorials is just intended for me and I avoid touching all wife related make-up in general.

I am rarely asked now ‘can you get me [insert name of make-up thingy here]

Because most of the time it would take longer to describe it than just grab it.

In my defense, this is honestly not for a lack of trying.

Labels People Labels!

We have some plastic draws in the closet that usually attempts to contain the kids coloring items, painting stuff and play-doh.

Somehow between the kids grabbing stuff and tossing it out and me placing whatever I’m attempting to clean up with them into an available draw.

We descend into total chaos.

I think there has got to be a smarter way to use this space and then …

I look forward to the next day when my wife will remind me I should be putting things away in the right spot. I just always forget what the right draw is.

So I cannot imagine the pain I would encounter in having to deal with an extreme storage and organization unit such as this IF I was ever to need to return an item.

Image via
Image via

But in the end, its a creatively fantastic way to get more storage.

  • easily compartmentalize all your accessories
  • quickly grab what you need and close it back up
  • yeah its big and damn it, might as well go big or go home
  • or just keep doing what your’re doing and ruffle around that giant make-up bag

The furniture assembly might seem like an extreme storage and organization unit but for those that have tons of accessories that tend to find there way all over the place …

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Maybe this is something you can put on your wishlist next to the giant walk-in closet.

I mean if you’re one day want to have triple digit shows stored floor to ‘honey can you reach the red pair’ then you might as well go after the creative and extreme storage and organization unit shown here by Creative Ideas and Tutorials.

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Extreme Storage and Organization, Every Women’s Dream!

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