7 Trendy Tiny House Floor Plans

A List of our Current Favorite Tiny House Floor Plans so far in 2016

Tiny House Cabin

We compiled a list of some of our favorite tiny house floor plans from various sources and assembled them in one place with additional perspective for you to check out.

With the growing popularity of tiny house floor plans hitting main stream, we encourage you to share your favorites.

From Do-It-Yourself projects to specialized tiny home companies, there is some pretty good resources available online for anyone to get started.

But like any good design, preparation and planning is important – especially within the confines of tiny house floor plans – to optimize space as much as possible.

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Editor’s Note: Stunningly well designed tiny houses from naturally rustic to traditional cottage styles.


As much as we love to see individuals taking on projects for ownership of a tiny home, it is even better to see projects pop-up that focus on community outreach using tiny house floor plans as an avenue to address concerns and stability for the homeless.

Several communities have implemented or are considering alternative solutions to handling homelessness including building Tiny House Villages with additional assistance programs.

Villages like the one proposed in Des Moines, Iowa by Joppa Outreach who had teamed up with the architecture firm BSB Designs to address their local homelessness concerns.

“when they come into the village, they’re no longer homeless. They’re now a resident of the community, and we have high expectations for what they will do to contribute to the community and be a good citizen.” – Joe Stevens, co-founder of local non-profit organization Joppa Outreach

So its great to see tiny homes potentially being utilized for overall community betterment.


What makes for a good tiny home design?

Well that certainly is subjective considering the personal nature of how each tiny home is customized for the individuals living within. However there are certain attributes that can be associated with any structure.

For example, the nature of downsizing to using tiny house floor plans and living small ultimately comes down to sustainability, reducing environmental impacts, etc.

We cover a smarter way to use Space in Your Home as a way of thinking of any built environment not just within tiny house floor plans.

But there is extra care that must be given to the design and construction of your tiny house floor plans in order to maximize space, reduce material and save you money.

  • How will the tiny house floor plans be constructed?
    • Trailer or Foundation? If Trailer think about balancing the load, meeting transportation regulations, consider aerodynamics, install opening latches.
    • If on a Foundation then consider utility connection points, orient for solar gains, comply with local building regulations, make use of vertical space.
  • How are safety features handled within the home design?
    • Such as Smoke & CO Detectors, Loft Egress, Exhaust Fans, Gas Venting, Trailer Size & Brake-lights, Propane Storage and General Exit Access.

The list of design considerations could go on but we’re not here for that …

Bring on the tiny house floor plans!

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Cabin in the woods and a getaway to the countryside.

1.A contemporary A-Framed style tiny house with about 500 sf of living space in a 20′ x 24′ enclosure. We think its a great little get away cabin that could capture the natural surroundings.

The large tall windows and open balcony space make the home not only feel larger but also would help facilitate natural circulation of heating and cooling.

Usually many tiny house floor plans tend to feel … well tiny. But this A-Frame style design creates a much larger space than is actually taken up by the building footprint.

You combine this with some interior design utilizing the large vertical space, you could definitely incorporate a ton of storage and modern amenities.

Who says that living small requires you to abandon the finer things in life?

Pretty sure you could get away with flying one of those mini helicopters in there.


Compact petite retreat with deep front porch.

2.More of a traditional home for compact tiny house floor plans coming in at just over 550 sf and about 20′ x 39′ package. This tiny dwelling unit offers that welcoming deep front porch.

I mean who doesn’t love to just kick back in the open air and listen the bird chirping or the rain falling.

Although warning, you’ll probably be getting rained sitting on this porch.

However the organization of spacial flow is spot of with a more public entertaining space up front and private bedrooms and storage in the back.


Don’t take this little one for granted. There is plenty of opportunity here to customize a house that fits your lifestyle.

Although the plans showcase a more stationary furniture layout, utilizing collapsible furniture systems or hidden pull out furniture can create multi-use space.


28′ Trailer for on the go tiny house floor plans.

3.Most people probably think of Tiny Houses as being constructed upon a traditional trailer to be easily relocatable. There is certainly an advantage to this as well as limitations.

Ensuring enough space is important and dual acting spaces such as a Murphy bed/couch combined with a fireplace and TV can help create a cozy space.

Keeping essential kitchen and bath appliances and fixtures to a minimum will also help potentially compact the same layout into a smaller trailer.

Tiny House Floor Plans

I find that many tiny houses on trailers seem to be of similar variation with potential loft space above however remember that you can still create spacious interior / exterior rooms that perhaps collapse into a mobile unit – similar to how modern RV’s expand for more room.

My approach to design and delivering an end-product to my clients is, don’t comprise.

You are spending the money, so do it the way you want to do it!

Even if you have to plan ahead, not implement features but have a plan in place to upgrade.


Tiny house on trailer with expandable canopy.

4.So when coming across the plan below, it reflected the ideas above about creating an important connection between interior space and exterior rooms.

Even though square footage may be more restrictive on a trailer hitch, don’t be afraid to design for your end destination.

Develop plans and systems that perhaps convert the tiny house floor plans into a ‘in-place’ plan and how will it convert while on the go.

Tiny House Floor Plans

The design of this tiny house floor plan could be as simple as a fabric overhang however could be more of an intricate roll out that creates more of a trellis feel to it.

Although the width does seem larger than a typical trailer size in the United States for transportation on the open road, you could still adapt it to fit your specifications.

Or again, challenge yourself to think outside the box.

How might the plan condense to 8′ wide and expand onsite to a larger frame size.


Rustic yet contemporary tiny house with natural light.

5.A huge open living room complete with loft space and storage. The small hallway connects a rear doorway and subsequent supporting spaces like a laundry area.

The natural material shown creates a true rustic connection with the surroundings while emphasizing it within the home with large windows.

Kitchen cabinet space in the ‘U’ shape helps create a centralized ‘Work Triangle‘ that speak about in a past post. However most tiny homes tend to have an ‘L’ shape or single wall.

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Compact tiny home but yet very open to the outdoors.

6.Orientation in a floor plan can sometimes be critical in achieving the feeling of a larger room or could spell disaster in creating a physically narrow and visually unappealing space.

The plan below utilizes a different approach to orienting the bed/couch.

By placing this adjacent to the entryway and with collapsible eating table, you can achieve a pretty spacious interior even given the trailer dimensions.

160412_tiny house floor plans-16

A lot of why I feel Tiny House (any house really) should reflect the personality of the individual is because certain amenities may appeal to you more than the next.

The openness of the sliding windows in the primary living area build using natural materials could create a rustic charm adorn with Home Decor.

Such as from one of our affiliates over at Antiques Farm House.

Finding a plan that is either more open and inviting or perhaps more narrow and private can certainly create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Plan wisely!


Fantastic modern tiny house open to indoor/outdoor.

7.The linear layout creates opportunity to expand the living area outside onto a patio. Both the family area and the private bedroom have large openings to expand outward.

One of my personal favorites is a strong connection to the outdoors and ultimately crafting a seamless outdoor room.

The modern feel to this design also reminds me of many architectural projects constructed out of large shipping containers.

A wonderful tiny house, if oriented correctly with the sun facing southeast in more regions, would really be able to create a passive heating / cooling system.

Have Tiny Houses to add to this list? Share it in the comments.


7 Trendy Tiny House Floor Plans

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