Adaptive Reuse of Church Interior by Gianna Camilotti

Transforming an old historic space into a contemporary new live work space

Contemporary interior church renovation. Image via Gianna Camilotti Interiors

The adaptive reuse of a church interior by Gianna Camilotti Interiors located in London is a fantastic renovation of an old church made new again for the principle designer’s own personal residential home.

Gianna transforms this old church interior into a beautiful luxurious residence in London.

The original facade and heritage of the Victorian-style structure was well maintained during construction. On the inside an open floor plan, white walls and a black & white color palette highlight the true scale of the space.

Large arching windows and wooden beams echo an enlightenment and almost spiritual feeling as you gaze into the newly converted residential unit.

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Editor’s Note: Large natural lighting and open concept plan make this modern home seem like an art gallery.


Project Details

Designer: Gianna Camilotti Interiors
Location: London, United Kingdom
Area: 2540 sf
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Joas Souza



The open space accommodates a working station, dining room, a grand piano, a small living room, a larger living room and a kitchen with cloakroom and utility room on the ground floor.

In the back of the home there is a small garden for sitting and dinning.

Since the dwelling unit was to house working and living space, the designers selected to integrate the two rather than separate them even through there was enough room.

The white high gloss finish matches the base of the dining table, designed by Gianna.

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A large sofa is placed at the center of the living room made from white leather. The design of which was intentional to contract against the very dark navy cotton velvet of the ottoman and living room cushions.

Furniture ties spaces together as the zebra printed cow hides make the connection between the living room sofa and the black grand piano.

Overall the whole scheme of a neutral palette has been chosen to emphasize and ultimately enhance the original architecture of the old church building.


Project Images


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Flow of Space and Challenges of a Church Conversion

This home which serves to live and work features a number of integration with furniture and spaces to accommodate the change in daily flow. The long meeting table transforms to become a dining table for 12 after hours.

The layout of the living room illustrates the concept of using over sized furniture, like the extra large “island” sofa. It is about 16.5′ long by 10′ wide at its widest part.

Nicknamed “Everybody” by the designer since it accommodates up to 18 people.

The white sofa is combined to a “quarter shaped” navy ottoman that is detachable and can be moved to any other part of the sofa.

Most items were developed especially for this Custom Space by Gianna Camilotti

The ceiling of this building are nearly 30′ tall at the center of the structure. At the same time the open space is about 60′ in length.

Given the scale of the interior to transform into a residential space, standard furniture would feel terribly small given the measurements. So the designer had to create custom pieces of furniture to fit within the proportions of the interior.

Each project item required research and usually involved developing a product.

Basically everything in the household had to be oversized including tables, sofa, armchairs table lamps, cushions, mirrors, ceiling lights and other home accessories.

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The challenge of the church interior by Gianna Camilotti being converted into a residential unit was to make it look and feel like a traditional home.

Especially considering the investment was made to transform the space by the designer herself which she would use as her live work space.

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Adaptive Reuse of Church Interior by Gianna Camilotti

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