Into Knick Knacks; Calming Video of Japanese Craftsman at Work


A soothing and beautiful video by Te to Te to Te showcases an artisan and Japanese craftsman at work. Yasuo Okazaki demonstrates how he crafts custom hand-made dolls from spinning blocks of wood.

He is well-known for his signature style Naruko Kokeshi.

Okazaki learned the Naruko style from his father, who trained him in the craft. Te to Te to Te also offers a great online guide to the different Kokeshi dolls that come from all over Japan if you are interested for your own home decor.

For more images of the craftsmanship mentioned continue reading below.

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‘Te’ in Japanese means Hand

Sendai traditional crafts can be found north of Tokyo and has been the cultural center of the Tohoku region since the great feudal lord, Date Masamune founded the Sendai Clan over 400 years ago.

With a rich history in culture and art the area is entrenched with passionate craftsmen who have been inspired by years of unique creativity. An art that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Te to Te to Te means ‘hands’ and I think its pretty clear the hand-made arts and crafts displayed on the website, including traditional toy, pottery and furniture that attract everyone from all over Japan to the Sendai area, is a beautifully creative process.

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The Japanese craftsman at work on Te to Te to Te express ‘hands’ with three different characters, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

You can see other craftsmen at work and how some of their hand-made pieces of art are expertly sculpted in another video which is equally as peaceful to watch.

The website aims to connect you the viewer / customer with the creators of the craft. Taking it from their hands in the shop to yours at home.

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Craftsman Images


Into Knick Knacks; Calming Video of Japanese Craftsman at Work

Below are images we collected from the craftsman at Te to Te to Te.
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