Smarter way to use Space in your Home

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There is always a smarter way to use space in your home. Being able to identify the opportunities to create more storage, more livable area, and more shelving is always an option to you no matter what the space.

Being creative with how we use space helps introduce new ideas and ways of functioning within the same rooms we use day in and day out.

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Be Creative

It can be hard sometimes to see the potential in a space beyond what we associate as ‘just how the living space has always been’ in our day to day functions. After all, we use it over and over again as it is so how could it be something different?

That is why it can be beneficial to bring in a design professional, even if just for a consultation, to help you understand how else your space could be utilized to achieve key aspects to your home you wish you had.

  • Perhaps the kitchen needs additional storage space and you really wish you had a pantry?
  • Maybe the living room gets cluttered with kids toys and you just wish you had some better way of organizing things?
  • How about the bathroom needs more shelf space for towels, toiletries, etc?
  • Don’t forget about the bedroom either. Wouldn’t you love having a gas fireplace to fall asleep to or more closet space?


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Design professionals can help you not only develop a conceptual layout or application to help resolve your spatial dilemmas but they can also create details to further help you or a contractor achieve exactly what you set out in plan.

Part of their role as a home designer is to show you a smarter way to use space in your house.

Most design professionals, such as interior designers or architects, have relationships with vendors or suppliers to potentially get you discounts on furniture, appliances, construction materials, and much more.


Tiny Houses

Especially when you consider the space requirements for a Tiny House, there is much more to design and develop to maximize space.

Every inch counts and being able to understand the multiple home systems, energy requirements, sustainable practices and even cost implications is usually a full-time process if you want to get it right.

We came across a video from IKEA that does a pretty good job at summarizing how it is you can always find more room within your home, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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Smarter way to use Space in your Home

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