Affordable Handmade Luxury Metal Wall Art for Sale

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An art gallery can feature some truly amazing works of art that might grab your attention. But sometimes the price tag might make you grab another glass of red wine to help you digest the ‘value’ you just heard before backpedaling toward the door.

Well the metal wall art for sale featured from Matthew’s Art Gallery provides a variety of genuine handmade wall decor that has the luxury and quality feel of an art gallery, but with the prices of more commonly manufactured art.

You know every time you walk into a Bed Bath & Beyond or Target you ‘happen’ to slowly meander over to home decor to check out the art on display and on sale.

I get it, my wife leans toward the colorful flowers, whether painted or sculpted, while my eye is drawn to the natural wilderness or perhaps sports stadium.

Nothing says beautiful landscape like the field of Fenway Park!


Metal Wall Art on sale
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ell finding quality art that you would personally enjoy gazing at daily can be a challenge. Then finding art for your home decor actually within your reasonable budget can be a struggle.

The number one rule when it comes to selecting art or home decor in general is …


Remember regardless of how it coordinates with the surroundings, your furniture or paint color, the art or home decor you select will be seen everyday, by you.

Make sure its a piece that you will continue to appreciate and hopefully get inspired by.

Otherwise what are you really buying the art for anyways?!


Selecting the Right Size

One tip if you are shopping around for art with a particular room; take a picture of the space. It is easier to bring up a photo while you are looking at the art in the store or at a gallery to better help you visualize the possibilities.

So whether you are looking for living room ideas, bedroom ideas or any other room in your house … try capturing the intended location for any art installation.

This will only help give you a foundation to compare and contrast different pieces of art to get the high-end luxury feel. Just in case you fall in love with more than one or are perhaps unsure if a piece of home decor will be complimentary to your room.

Now selecting the appropriate size of wall art is equally as important.

The right size art should be proportional to the volume of your space and arrangement of furniture. Make sure it does not overwhelm the room and you do not really want to spend money on a piece that will underwhelm and not have an visual impact either.

So how do you go about selecting the right size art work for your intended space?

There are several rules of thumb that you can consider and plan for. These will help you establish a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.


Follow the three-eighths (3/8) Rule

When dealing with a basically empty wall, the general rule of thumb is to select a piece of art that will leave empty space in the amount of three-eights the width of the art on each size.

Image via Giovanni Photography
Image via Giovanni Photography

So for example, you can determine the ideal art size by measuring a wall’s width and multiplying it by .57 which will give you the rough width of your art.

A wall that is 144 inches (12 feet) wide would ideally receive art that is about 82 inches (about 6 feet 10 inches).

It certainly does not have to fall within the three-eighths rule of thumb but this proportion helps balance the empty wall and creates a focal point with your art.

Not too overwhelming where it might seem to overtake the space completely and not too small where it is hardly ever noticed.


Balance … its all about balance.

This would also be the case with any combination of smaller pieces of art being coordinated together or odd shaped pieces like circles. The diameter of the single circular art would want to be near three-eighths.

This will help you create a well-balanced wall if originally empty but …

What happens when there is furniture like a couch against the wall? or fireplace mantle?

We would recommended that art be hung over furniture not more than 75 percent of the width of the adjacent furniture. Therefore a sofa at 84 inches should have art hung above it that would equal about 63 inches in width.

Once again, just a general rule of thumb for art selection to help balance solid & void space of your wall.

Art that might be hung over a fireplace mantle tends to display the best when it equals approximately the rough opening of the fireplace, not the mantle.

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Another quick tip when positioning the art on your wall, try using cardboard cutouts of roughly the size of your pieces. This way you can easily arrange and rearrange them as you see fit to visualize the arrangement upon the wall.

I would also mention that the height of the space is usually less of a concern when placing art. With a standard ceiling height of 8 feet, placing art or most home decor at about eye level is aesthetically pleasing enough.

Don’t over complicate it either. If it looks and feels right to you, then go with it.


Creating a Focal Point

What do you want to be the focal point of a room given your current layout? What is the one thing you want anyone who enters the space to see?

A room does not just have to have one focal point but you need to consider how you want the attention of your visitors to be directed.

Similar to how an architect designs a series of spaces with a concept in mind that emerges from one space to the next. Think about walking into a theater or auditorium which might have you enter through a small narrow tunnel.

This helps emphasize the feeling of grandeur when you finally arrive.

You can create these moments to a lesser degree by the arrangement of your furniture and utilization of your home decor and art as focal points in your house.

Even if you life in one of these Tiny Houses, you can create space and focal points.


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Editor’s Note: Nothing says creative and unique like utilizing any one of these bedroom ideas. Have your furniture reflect art in itself with a floating bed.


The arrangement of furniture in a space can force traffic toward a specific direction (or away from it) and thereby controls what a person might potentially focus on. You have given them the opportunity see a particular art piece before turning them to sit down on the couch.

Now seated and looking in another direction, your focus has shifted again. So you can tell a story or emphasize a function of the space by the placement of furniture, home decor, art, etc.


Coordinating Design Style

Think about not only the content of the art but also the color tones, textures and materials of the art. How does that plays against the surroundings of the room?

If you’re answer is ‘I don’t know’ … just the club.

Do you have furniture that is rounded, an area rug with curves and end tables shaped as ovals? Then a rectangular pattern of shapes and colors within an art piece might seem out of place even if the overall geometry of the art is complimentary in nature.

Color can have a big impact on a space both negatively and positively. If you have more neutral wall colors and furniture tones then a pop of wall art can really bring the space to life especially in large open house plans..

Perhaps simply coordinating the color tones of throw pillows, a small area rug, etc with your art can really make the space feel cohesive.

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Image via

Plus you once again are creating a focal point and emphasis on your art.


The Lighting of your Art

Another way to improve the aesthetic of a space is to ensure proper lighting. Not only will a dim space not highlight your art well but chances are it is negatively impacting the emotional state of people within it.

Not good for anyone who considers themselves home decorators.

Interior lighting is important for human comfort and productivity but is also beneficial to ensuring the colors and shadows of an art piece are properly portrayed.

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Image via

A dim room can wash out the energy of an art piece and make it appear dull in comparison to when you might have seen it in the store or at a gallery showing.

Even the specific selection of light bulbs can influence the feel of the room and how color are observed.

A more detailed explanation of this can be found through major paint supplier Sherwin Williams in a post entitled ‘The Play of Light and Color

As experts in the field of color coordination and visual appeal, Sherwin Williams, as well as other companies and also other industries, has done extensive investigations into how light intensity effect our perception of color tones.

One color selection might look significantly different in natural light than it does with an incandescent bulb or LED fixture.

Sherwin Williams highlights the effects of different types of artificial lighting below:

  • Incandescent bulbs: These generate yellow light that intensifies warm colors but tends to dull cooler colors.
  • Halogen bulbs: These newer incandescent bulbs produce brighter, white light that is more like sunlight.
  • Fluorescent bulbs: These generate cool, blue light that amplifies blues and greens, but mutes warmer colors.
  • “Soft white” fluorescent bulbs: These mimic the warmth of incandescent bulbs, but all colors can appear faded in their light.
  • Full-spectrum fluorescent: Although expensive, these bulbs produce light that most closely resembles natural sunlight.


So consider not only the wall color and furniture coordination with your art but also how lighting can highlight or wash out your new home decor.



Affordable Handmade Luxury Metal Wall Art for Sale

Below are featured art we liked the most from

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Blue Bubbles – listed at $199

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Purple Moon – listed at $195

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Bamboo Trees – listed at $239

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Golden Flower – listed at $199

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Sun Layers – listed at $145 / Now $135.50

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Color Wave – listed at $289

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Flaming Guitars – listed at $219 / Now $197.10

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Purple Bubbles – listed at $199

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Green Path – listed at $300 / Now $199

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Broken Wings – listed at $229

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Angel Wing – listed at $283.50 / Now $189

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Urbanization – listed at $189

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Lady at Bay – listed at $249 / Now $224.10

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Stormy Sky – listed at $189

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Interior design: Big modern living room


Summer Night City – listed at $299 / Now $269.10

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Ocean Colors Custom Made – listed at $319

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