Biggest Swimming Pool Suspended 10 Stories by Floating Glass


A major new housing development in the Nine Elms district near the Battersea Power Station in London referred to as Embassy Gardens could potentially feature a luxury swimming pool suspended between two of its buildings.

What makes these condo units that some will eventually call home so unique is the fact that the proposed building design features an exclusive transparent glass pool bridging 10 stories into the air. From the street and nearby neighborhood you could simply look up and see the underside of the pool.

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The condo units in Embassy Gardens start at a baseline price of a cool one million; $944,000 as stated in Business Insider. However there is rising tension around housing inequality in London and this controversial display of such a potentially exclusive amenity could continue to escalate the problem as reported by BI. However the proposal for one of the biggest swimming pool designs in London is 10 stories in the sky and seems like a pretty unique experience.

How is this not the scariest swim of my life if I could even afford to own a unit?

Relax, although the fear of heights might considerably influence your initial reaction, there is sound structural design at play per building codes. This ensures the safety of the general public in even the most extreme of weather conditions. However not every disaster can be 100% prevented but public safety is an Architect’s primarily responsibility when designing unique spaces and structures.

Take for example the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West which allows you to walk on a glass surface suspended over the edge at 4,000 feet above the riverbed. This structure gives you an amazing perspective into the Canyon and is also equally as terrifying.

I personally have visited the site and walked out onto the glass surface myself. Although I am not afraid of heights, I will say that walking away from the large structural beams toward the center of the glass walkway still causes you to second guess what the hell you are doing.

You do not see the thickness of the supported glass when peering down into the Canyon so your initial reaction is … OK, I’m standing on glass?!?

However this glass bridge at Embassy Gardens that is being proposed in the southwest of London would be supported by 8″ thick glass.

The overall dimensions are expected to be about 10 feet deep, 19 feet wide and extend 90 feet from building to building. Did we mention all glass?!

The developers for the project Ballymore say the pool, which for all intensive purposes seems to have been given the green light, will be completely free of other structural elements other than the designed clear glass panels.

image via Business Insider
image via Business Insider

The design for Embassy Gardens was inspired by the buildings of New York’s Meatpacking District, with its brick facades and floor to ceiling windows.

The entire development will offer 2,600,000 square feet of mixed use space that will include about 2,000 new homes, a 100 bed hotel, office space, retail stores, a grocery store, and flexible leisure and community spaces.

… oh and also their ‘sky deck’ one of the biggest swimming pool designs?!

It is designed by Arup Associates, Eckersley O’Callaghan and aquarium designers Reynolds.


Biggest Swimming Pool Suspended 10 Stories Up by Floating Glass

The animation video below is sourced from Business Insider.

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