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Image via Giovanni Photography

After the launch of our new website, we dedicated time to developing our brand on Facebook to build followers. We integrate posts here published to our Facebook page but also create galleries of all imagery we share for easy viewing.

As of today we are nearing the 500 Like mark and encourage you to follow as well. You will receive all the same updates you would if you were checking here daily except certain exclusive home project deals and insider info.

We will periodically run promotions, raffles, and share specific product deals with you which we cannot do through Facebook … you know those lovely privacy policy terms and conditions that Facebook always changes around.

We may partner with some third party companies┬áto be able to legally provide access to these promotions, raffles, etc. through the Facebook page but really the best way to ensure you get updates is …


You guessed it. When you subscribe, we will not send you daily emails or be overly annoying with any of our correspondence.

You can certainly opt out easily at any time but by subscribing you’ll receive direct notifications more so on a monthly basis about certain promotions, raffles and deals … along with summarized versions of our posts that you might find interesting in case you missed it.

Image via Giovanni Photography
Image via Giovanni Photography

So Like us on Facebook and find daily inspiration. Let us know if you have suggestions or questions about our home project ideas.

And to think, it all started with just a few clicks here at Home Ideas HQ.