20 Modern Open Living Room Ideas


Every living room functions differently in a home regardless of style. How you, your family and friends generally utilize a space will differ greatly – based on personal habits, cultural norms and a whole host of attributes.

It is important to understand the family function and daily routes to reflect an organization of spaces that serve the needs of its inhabitants. Will the living room ideas want to be cozy and intimate or does it need visual connection through an open floor plan with adjacent spaces?

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The living room can be a complex space to design, layout and decorate. An interior designer or decorator would make an excellent resource to help assess your specific needs but here are a few things to consider:

  • What technology will be hosted, concealed or recessed in the surrounding surfaces? Where will they connect; a center console, cabinetry, etc?
  • A popular trend today is the open floor plan concept, but sound vibration and noise reduction needs to be thought about.
  • To create a relaxing and visually appealing space, coordinating furniture with the colors, textures and patterns is important to set the feel of the room.
  • What are the materials around the room, will the space feel dark and heavy? Will it be noisy without sound absorbing items like rugs, a sofa, curtains?


So can I just knock down a wall and really open this b*@Ch Up?!

Before you go taking the sledge hammer to the old wooden paneling keep in mind certain walls maybe load bearing or shear walls that have structural integrity to your home. A professional should be able to assess your particular situation and advise accordingly. But once structural, electrical and plumbing concerns (to name a few) have been considered as part of the project – by all means, have at it!

20 Modern Open Living Room Ideas

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